Trying to keep it together

My step daughter is bi sexual , she has been for along time. I married her mother 4 year's ago when she was 14. For the last couple years I have been spying on her when she has her girlfriends stay the night. Before I accidentally witnessed her in the 69 position with another girl I honestly never thought of young girls. I am disgusted in my self but can't stop spying. I have masturbated countless times to her little sessions with other girls. Last night her door was left wide open. The views, the sights the omg so hot girls ( now 18 ) were in complete plain sight. I stood like an idiot in the hallway pants down and jerking off. I came way before they did. Then went to my room and lay in bed. Two hours later I got a text from her asking if I enjoyed the show.

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  • Ken hit me with his ugly stick and made me sick literally.

  • I have an ugly stik.

    I use my ugly stik in combo with the Daiwa T3 Ballistic [tournament series] bait casting reel. It takes the punishment and brings the fish on deck! I look very much toward taking my rod, dog and bass boat out on the water.

    The ugly stik is a fine rod. Why would he abuse one by hitting you with it?

  • Sorry went off air for a while had to watch some porn and masturbate to ease a migraine. sure fine a lot better for a while now. even though I hate masturbating and can't wait to find a real good lover. I thank god every day I never married ken. I knew were not compatible from straight away.

  • Hot?

    You don't know the meaning of the word!

    Your step daughter needs to hold ALL the power in this relationship. The more power she has, the 'hotter' she'll make it.

    When she holds ALL the power, you'll experience absolutely unreal tension! She'll reward you by keeping you near climax ... All. The. Time!

    That's Hot!

    Print off what I've said.
    Tell her you posted what happened on the internet, and got this reply.
    Show it to her.

    Tell her you're ready for her to take this wherever she wants/needs.

    Let your step daughter call the shots and make the rules.

    Do as she says.

  • She stayed home from school today and literally read what you wrote over my shoulder.

  • If you're the original poster, what was her response?

  • I am and she's almost going crazy with things for us to do. I am in the living room taking a break while she runs through the shower. I am straight up falling in love with her

  • Well if you're leveling with us, that's quite a change.

    You've gone from struggling to keep it together, to shaking in terror that your wife will discover what's happening, to totally falling for your stepdaughter and throwing caution to the wind...

    If you're on the level, I suspect she'll soon be reading these lines to see what other action ideas she can glean. Speaking of other ideas, here's your next assignment.

    You'll recall that I told you that IF you surrendered ALL the power to her, she'd blow you out of the water, erotically speaking. And lo -- I was right!

    If you think her reading my recommendation upped the ante -- believe me when I tell you that things aren't even started yet. Believe me that with your next assignment, she is going to get MAJOR power. And she's going to find that getting it is EXTREMELY erotic. She is going to juice up like never before.

    She's already seen you flogging the Jesse's Rod. Now you're going to tell her to take her cell phone and VIDEO you doing it.

    That's right!

    YOU are going to put your testis in her hot little hand by GIVING her the power to blackmail you! That's to ensure that you are ALWAYS obedient to her and serve her in whatever manner she TELLS you to serve her -- no arguing, no backtalk, no complaining.

    She already has a witness who can tell your Missus what you did. But you're going to make it easy for her. Do this and then be ready for your third task.

    Oh, and what else is SHE planning while we're at it?

  • Mmmmm love it

  • We have three daughters and get too have lots off good times with them...

  • Quite a lot of young girls experience Lesbian relations with mostly their best girlfriend our daughter started having her friend stay over when they were 16, my wife and I knew they were having sexual games with each other because we could hear them and they both walked around with very skimpy gear on plus cuddled on the couch watching TV.
    When our girl was 17 I had a little granny flat built in the back yard with all facilities and she moved in anyone going there still had to park the car in our drive and walk down our side alley where we had a security cam, her girlfriend came very often and stayed over a lot, we made nothing of it but they appear to have formed a firm Lesbian relationship neither ever speak of boyfriends that was 18 months ago and they both now go to the same uni becoming nurses, looks like they enjoy each other. I do know that they study quite hard

  • Know what you mean. Back in the day my 14 year old step sister lived with the wife and I and something similar happened to me. She had a front bedroom and one couldn't help but notice what was going on in there. She had her friends over and were they ever horny for each other. She persisted in this over the years and I went deep for all of them. Nailed each many times. Couple of the girls turned out to be committed lesbians but the others stayed straight. So here it is 40 years later and we are still banging.

  • Now I'm worried , after just one encounter with her and her friend. I feel like I love them. I feel like I'm acting weird around them.

  • I am trying to keep it together just over study. trying to pass what seems impossible to pass. who do they want to give the course to now? Jurassic park dinosaurs? we all need help learning and a teacher.

  • Her friend and her were out most of the night. I was thinking nothing would happen. Her friend and her finally got home. I waited for a bit. Then texted her and said is everything ok I can hear banging. She texted me back saying. Just come in we know you want to. I opened the door they were sitting on the edge of the bed nude. I froze obviously. Started backing up when her friend said . We're going to make out do you want to watch again.

  • Now I really don't think this happened, your making it up however if you have a daughter that loves playing with her girlfriend leave them alone to learn and enjoy

  • I agree with you. But it's nasty to think about it ...

  • Details.

  • Im telling the truth. We have three daughters...

  • I'm the op I have only the one step daughter. But everything I have written is 100 true

  • She sounds sent. I have had each off my daughters little pussy. My wifes on stay over in work this evening and just left. They love Daddy's cock and being filled with my comm...

  • Love to watch that

  • My wife's on way home. I filled my daughters with Daddy's cumm and none off them have their periods yet. So i can shoot my load in their tight hairless pussys. They love having their little pussy fingers and locked and nappies and ducked. Our almost 13 year old has just got her first training bra and her little tips are about size off boiled eggs. She loves when daddy socks them and shes very sedative and our youngest is still lying naked on sofa in lounge play with herself. They are sexy little girls...

  • Text me on k I k if you want gmancumface1998 I would love to see

  • Full her little pussy and she wants Daddys cock. I fuck my daughters every day. Its the best pussy you will ever have.

  • She didn't leave her door open by accident. She's messing with you. Watch yourself. You may want to speak with her mom about this before it goes any further.

  • That's exactly what I was thinking.
    O.p. Don't get yourself twisted into something that can potentially take you down. Sure, it's hot as Hell, tread lightly...

  • That's what has been bouncing around in my head. Problem is that my wife may explode if she finds out everything. I should be better informed and have more answers by the morning. Wife has the night shift and I'm positive she's having a friend over for dinner and possibly staying the night. Talk about being jittery man I'm shaking right now.

  • How did you answer her text? I hope you told spoke politely and said that you've never in your life seen anything more beautiful ...

  • Bet you are hard as a rock and seeping pre cum. It’s the night man. Do it and let us know how it goes so we all wank thinking about it

  • Oh god man I just can't stop thinking about what may happen.

  • So how did it go?

  • Yes tell us you played with them all night long

  • My step dad caught my bf and I in the middle of having sex, we made eye contact, and he just stood there and watched, and I actually liked it. I leave my dirty panties around for him to smell. I leave the door open to my bedroom whenever my bf sleeps over, and I'm all naked

  • Have a threesome with your boyfriend and your dad

  • Do you want daddy to fuck you?

  • Women in their 20’s and up have affairs with their own dads.

  • Well then jump on in there

  • Should've fucked them.

  • You have no idea how bad I want to at least lick them

  • Leave them alone to enjoy their own company, they are Lesbians learning how to please each other I don't think they want you around when they are having their special sex.
    My wife has a lesbian friend they have been doing it since high school both her husband and I have always known and even though we all have great sex we let them alone whenever they want, I have seen them making love quite a lot and it is so hot, they don't mind me or her husband watching.

  • They want you to watch. Next time jump in and do them both

  • Man I want to but if wife finds out I'm screwed

  • Maybe the wife has been playing with them too

  • I say have a hangbang, you, your wife, your daughter and your daughters girlfriend

  • I suppose it's possible , just unlikely

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