What a difference

Just before Christmas my boyfriend came home with some viagra, he got it from his friend and wanted to try it.
A few days later we had sex and what a difference, he doesn’t have any problems getting an erection, he was wanting to just try it.
From start to finish his penis was super hard, at one point he was going in so deep it started to hurt a bit.
For sure it felt bigger and harder, if it wasn’t for his fitness I think we would be still going!
He’s not taken any since, so I’m going to drop hints about getting more.

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  • All these comments are great ideas. We should all use that V for the V. Hell, why not?? You can't overdose from it. We can all be rocketman.

  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1XSfBxf_W4 would it be awful of me to send a prayer and ask someone to fuck up a harrys wedding day for all the times he was ruining others enjoyment and special day?

  • I hear they give the old men in nursing homes viagra.... it keeps them from rolling out of their beds

  • Lol

  • Viagra can cause severe headaches because of how it works by dilating the blood vessels. I tried a few over the period of 4 weeks and I binned the last one as the headaches were getting worse each time.

  • Take a BC powder before you take the Viagra. It helps with the headaches.

  • My boyfriend did this, and had a heart attack. Idiot.

  • First time I surprised my wife on vacation, I took some and we fucked for hours. Beside our bed was a closet with mirrored doors. We would watch ourselves in the mirror. It was lots of fun. Felt like we were in a sex movie.

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