Nipple play

I had never given my nipples much thought until about two years ago. All of a sudden i noticed that they were hard and pointy frequently and they seemed sensitive. I started playing with them and they were amazingly sensitive. I love how they make me seem to go into a trance when I play with them.
When its warm and I have my shirt off I usually play with them to keep them hard. I walk around with hard nipples most of the time.
When I am alone, I start flicking the tips with my forefingers and drop my pants so I am naked. I get very energetic and start swinging my hips up and down with my penis flopping all around. Soon, he starts to swell and soon i am rubbing my nipples swing a hard penis around. At this point, I don't care who sees me.

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  • Just got home undressed put on my PVC panties, suspenders stocking and heels then clamped a cloths peg on each nipple "sexy" they will stay for 25 minutes then when removed I will dress in my plastic maids outfit have my wife do my make up and put on a wig for the afternoon.

  • I tell my wife when we are fucking to suck and bite my nipples really hard. It does feel so good.

  • Very nice, you need to experience very tight springed cloths pegs on both nipples they are so sexy take some time and just because of the pain to start off with don't give up currently I leave mine on for 25 minutes would not go any further, they are so great particularly when I masturbate it hightens an erotic pain when I cum, try it Buddy all the best

  • I have used wooden clothes pins, but i can only leave them on for a few minutes. They feel amazing

  • Keep it up and continuously extend the time clamped you will really enjoy it

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