Roommate with benefits

My second room mate in college was Mike, a guy I had met the first year. We were staying in the same dorm, and we seemed to hit it off, so we decided to room together. We were pretty casual with each other, both not afraid to walk around in just our underwear. I started going down the hall to the showers naked, just carrying my towel. Most of the other guys did the same. One time, I came back from a particularly nice shower. It just felt good, i paid special attention to getting my ass hole clean and other things that on my way back, my penis was slightly swollen. When I got back to our room, Mike was sitting naked on his bed with a hard penis. I stopped and said wow. He said, wow yourself, look at your penis. I have never seen it like that.
I finished showering and sat down on my bed, which was beside his, and started to fondle my dick, looking over at him and then his dick. He did the same. It was very exciting to me fondling your hard dick while a friend was fondling his. Presently he lay back, his whole body tensing, pushed his hard dick up as high as he could and spurt out gobs of cum, which he smoothed down all over his dick. I did the same and then we both lay there grinning at each other and our spent dicks.
We, of course. got into the habit of doing this frequently, sharing a bottle of Chianti and jacking off together. Unfortunately, we were both very naive at the time and that was as far as it ever got. Looking back, we should have at least sucked each other off.

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  • My college roommate and I jerked off together almost every night. One night he came over and grabbed my cock and jerked it until I shot a load. Of course I returned the pleasure. I sure miss those days!

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