Naughty wife

My husband and I have been active on the swinging scene for a few years now. We have a preference for threesome fun usually with a more mature gentleman. Our latest encounter was with a gentle in his early fifties around ten years senior to us. We get on very well and he greatly appreciates my body and the way I prefer to dress, stockings and suspenders being a must for me. I've always been a flirt and my husband loves to watch and subsequently join in the fun. It was a couple of months ago when our friend called to visit us that I became aware of my desire to be spanked. As my gentleman friend was taking me from behind he out of the blue smacked my bottom and then repeated the action. To my surprise I found this very erotic as did my husband. I actually asked him to do it again . His reply was he could do better than that and suggested I go across his knee. My husband was very enthusiastic and to be honest so was I . He took me across his knee and gave me a sound spanking on my bare bottom . This really was the most arousing experience and most enjoyable for us all and has now become a permanent feature in our threesome sessions. So much so that we are now seeking a mature responsible gentleman who I could visit to be dealt with in the old fashioned way.

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  • Now now! If you’re gonna get spanked, you have to deserve it! If you really want it, you have to earn it!

    Spankings are for those who misbehave! So what are your rules, young lady?! What are you not allowed to do that you might’ve done?! What are you supposed to do that you ain’t doin’?!

    You think about that! And if you deserve a spanking, your husband will see that you get one, from the right person to get the job done! I’m sure if you really want one, you’ll find a way to “deserve” it!

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