My wife tied and blindfolded

I have to confess (brag) about what I did to my wife last night!

We often indulge in a little light bondage and she loves behind blindfolded and touched. While I do this I tell her how I’d like her to suck a complete stranger and even let them fuck her.

I phoned her while I was driving home and told her to be waiting for me in the bedroom. I wanted her in sheer black stockings, black pumps with a 4” heel and for her to be wearing her blindfold. She was to be laying on the bed with her legs apart.....

We discussed our fantasy and as was clearly turned on. What she didn’t know was that I had two friends in the car with me and they were going to be pounding her very very soon!

I called again to make sure she was on the bed and ready for me. She said she was and we filed into the house. The guys quickly got naked and followed me into the bedroom. I told her that I was going to tie her wrists to her ankles and quickly made her completely helpless to resist what was about to happen to her....

Pete has a huge cock. Not only ld is it long, but it’s incredibly thick. He rubbed it across her lips ticked lips and his pre-cum oozed onto her pretty face. He gently stroked her pussy and we watched her open her legs further apart. He moved down to her pussy and started to lick her. Her hips were grinding her pussy on his tongue. As she was about to come, Mark pushed his cock deep into her mouth. The realisation that two guys were fucking here spread across her face. Pete thrust his cock in her as she was about to scream. The pain of taking this massive cock made her scream silent. Anyway, the cock pumping into her mouth effectively shut her up.

Both of the guys spurted in her and took pictures of her looking very well fucked and used.

They left the room, got dressed and left. All that Was left for me to do was tell how great she looked being fucked by two strangers and that I was going to just bring myself off over her face...

She wants to do it again very soon!

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  • I have a voyeur side to me and have always enjoyed watching my wife masturbate. I also got her into bondage and she really enjoys having orgasms while tied up, I decided that I needed to combine the two things. I talked to a friend of mine and told him my plan of getting her tied up and then watching her be pleasured by someone else. He told me he would be really glad to do that to her. He is single so any night would work for him, I told my wife that I really wanted to come home one night this week after work and do some bondage. She told me okay and I set it up, I got her all tied up and blindfolded then as I was standing there telling her I was taking some pictures I texted my friend to come inside. He crept in and slid right up between her legs while I watched from the closet. He was a little more aggressive than I am but she was moaning and having a great time and telling me that she was so wet and turned on by this side of me. One thing he was doing that I never had done was really pulling and twisting her nipples then he would tickle them, drove her nuts. She was turned on a lot by that stuff.

  • I hope you like watching her fuck. That’s how it started for me too

  • Is your wife Emily in phoenix?? I love tonguing her ass

  • No, She’s Katrina in Portsmouth UK!

  • I got pregnant in the UK! Thanks! Dogging is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome!

  • What a good present!

  • So hot !!!

  • Fill all her holes

  • We shall! This Christmas I’ve arranged a special treat for her...

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