It's a very long story so I will just be blunt and shorten it . The truth is it's partially my fault . I have been a really big tease with the group of men doing the construction of our addition to the back side of our house . Most of these men have known my husband for years . The other day I noticed that they were all outside drinking coffee near my bedroom window . I went upstairs undressed and walked by the window . I slipped into my bed and never looked back to see if they were looking. A few minutes later my bedroom door busted open and they poored in . One said bitch that's crossing the line . The men pulled the covers off me and forced themselves on me . I can't say they raped me because I feel like I didn't fight back . I let them start , but I never said it was ok and I never said to take me anally . It hurts badly they would not stop even when I was crying . I haven't told my husband and the addition should be done in a week or so . I'm so nervous and scared now .


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  • Okay... when you appeared naked in front of the window and then climbed into your bed, what was it you were expecting to happen?

  • I don't know I guess I just thought they were going to watch is all

  • Couple questions , 1 did you cum or have an orgasm. 2 do you have any intention of telling your husband 3 have you been around any of the guys since then and is so what happened

  • Definitely rape. No question. But do you care enough to press charges.

  • Damn I'm hard now

  • I would love if my wife did that

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