Ive sold my gf before

We were hard up for money and i watched my gf suck many cocks and get fucked once. I know its messed up but it really turns me on.

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  • I had a gf who everyone hated including me, but she was hot and made a lot of money. I was planning on breaking up with her after her company Christmas party, well that night she got wasted, I brought her up to the room, where she passed out. I went back to the party, guys were talking about her, and how they wanted her. One guy offered me money to see her naked pics, I told him I'll do better, and went back upstairs to the room, and took her clothes off, then another asked, and another, then went to touching, then to jerking off, and last tomjerking off on her, I drew the line at that. The next day I broke up with her and told her she was a slut, and that I walked in on her with her co-workers. She's since left her job, after some pics surfaced, and has been trying to get me back together with her

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