My girlfriend used to like to dress as little girl

When I first met my current girlfriend , we used to explore different kinds of sex play . IT wasn't long before I found out that she liked what I will put in her own words as " being man handled" . This entailed being spanked, made to get on her knees and told that if she didn't suck my dick she would be punished. Also If she was obedient she was told she would be licked or masturbated with a large powerful vibrator and allowed to squirt ( I used to have to put a towel under her) . She told me this type of play , among a few other things , made her pussy throb . One day she told me she had a baby doll outfit which consisted of some frilly panties and matching top , she put them on and made her hair in two pony tails . She looked kinda ridiculous but cute . She told me she was a bad girl that week and sucked off a guy at work that week and asked if she would be punished . Naturally I took full advantage of the situation . The thought off her sucking another guys dick filled me with depraved lust . I said to her " Oh so you like sucking guy cocks at work do you ? " She answered " yes I never told you , I do it all the
time their cocks are bigger than yours " . This was really pushing my buttons , even thought she was subservient , her ability to humiliate me while she was in this position really turned me on . I told her you deserve extra punishment today cause your a little slut . I whipped her ass with a riding crop we bought and told her to put her hands behind her back . She shook her head from side to side like a defiant child , I grabbed her and pushed her down while she offered futile resistance and put a pair of fuzzy handcuffs on her. After a flurry of whacks to the ass she begged me to stop , saying " I'll suck your like I did theirs ". I got her to her knees and started rubbing my cock against her lips and told to suck . She looked up at me and began licking the pre cum from the tip ,I told her "Ok now suck , that's it make believe its a piece of candy " . She sucked for a little bit ,stopped and pleaded with me to fuck her as she wanted a cock in her now. I took off the handcuffs and turned her around and dogged her . At this point I was very close to cuming then she reached underneath and grabbed my nuts and told me " I know you really want to be castrated ( one of my own fantasies I told her about ) and I immediately came . I dropped to the bed recovering from what was an intense orgasm when she said , "was I a good girl " ? I said " very " . She said now its my turn . She laid back and told me to lick until she came which I did without hesitation , I really love giving head . She told me that if didn't please her she would castrate me and make me a feminized slave for punishing her and then I would have to watch her have sex with other men . Naturally I got hard while hearing this as i was licking her . She began moaning while I began to hump the bed , she let out a big groan, arched her back then trickled quite bit of come soaking the towel under her . After she recovered she noticed I was still hard , she grabbed my uncircumcised cock and pulled the foreskin down tightly to the base and held it like that , the sensation made me swell and cum instantly . After we both laid their recovering , she said "you know I really never sucked any one off at work ". I said" really , you shouldn't have told me it wasn't true , I was so turned on ". She just looked at me and said then maybe I will . I was satisfied with this.

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  • My girlfriend likes to dress up like a man and dry fuck my ass with a huge strap-on dildo. Then she bends over and makes me fuck her up the ass, pretending like she's a fag. Then she makes me dress up like a woman and pretend like I am a lesbian and makes me eat her pussy and ass till she squirts all over my face. I think she's a disgusting perverted slut, but damn, I love her.

  • Way to go!

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