Sick of guys lying

A friend of mine invited me to a keg party last night, and there were about two dozen people there. Other than my friend, I didn't know anyone there, but we thought it would be a good place to meet some guys, since we're single.

We started chatting with a couple of guys and I liked one of them a lot. He was handsome, fit, blue eyes, and his ass looked great in jeans. He seemed to like me too and we flirted a bit while we had some drinks. I asked him about his status, and he said "solo," which I interpreted as being single. We started to kiss a little, and he was really good at it. He asked me if I wanted to go with him to one of the rooms they had in the back. I said sure.

We got back there and there was already one couple fucking on the bed, so we decided to just lie on the floor, and moved some pillows down. We made out, and feeling him grind against me was getting me hot. I told him to grab a condom from a nearby bowl, because I wanted to fuck him.

I was so aroused that he slipped right in. His dick felt great, but he didn't last long, maybe a couple of minutes. I told him to relax and we'd go again, since I hadn't gotten off. He changed condoms a few minutes later and we went for a second round. I was about to peak, when one of his friends came in and said "Dude, Karen is outside looking for you." I said "Who the fuck is Karen?" He pulled out of me and got dressed like a crazy person and bolted out the door. He just took off and never came back.

It was obvious at that point that he had a girlfriend, which he conveniently hid from me the entire night. It really pissed me off. What the hell is wrong with some guys? I felt used and embarrassed and still do. He better not cross my path again, because he's going to catch hell.

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  • Accept your obvious sluthood and move on for fuck's sake !

  • Have a threesome with him and his girl

  • No you will want his cock again. You know that and we all do.

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