Have you ever...

Have you ever made love to anyone you're related to? I've had the experience. Can't put my finger on what it is, but it's hands down the best sex I've ever had.

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  • Did mynxousinmbut I didnt know we were related at the time

  • Three brothers 2 older 1younger it all stared one night when camping out in the woods behind our house when I was 14, I am now 24 and it continues to this day just about daily with my younger brother He says he's going to marry me for I am the only girl he has ever made love to and god he pleases me beyond words for hours on end.

  • It was a cousin for me

  • I use to have sex with my sister we weren't making love we were just plain and simply fucking each other, we were using each other body for our own personal pleasure and satisfaction it was just a fuck and no more than that, we are both married, now we rarely visit or see each other alone because we can not keep our hands off oneanother, it was the best sex ever

  • Yes I have with my sister and my cousin since we were all teens. It is the best sex ever and even during our relationships with others we still fucked each other

  • Have been since I was 14 with my 2 brothers and still do 9 years later.

  • Nice sweetie. My daughter loves me play with her..

  • What you account for is a normal reaction due to your inexperience regarding sexual relations with family members. Believe me, if or when it was or is more routine, the familiarity of it alone will dim the excitement as your absolute need to release semen takes the forefront.

  • I let my drunk, younger brother sleep with me in my huge bed one night so he wouldn't drive. I never thought he would try to be sexual with me. I was separated at the time and mainly believed he would sleep it off, get up and head home. Once he cuddled me and I felt his affection and manly appeal though, I simply melted from his desire and his arousal sparking mine.
    What followed in following, countless months fills volumes.

  • My older sister when she was separated ; resulting in the spawning of her addiction & our legitimate affair which went on for literally years.

  • I am the sister of a younger brother where a like scenario took place for years.

  • I had been divorced for about a year and a half, my brother had come over to my apartment to help me out with some furniture. We were talking about dates he had been on and I told him that I had not even thought about dating yet. I told some joke about needing a guy without the relationship to just give me like a night or two of sex. He told me that he really loved to pleasure women, I really did not think it was a great idea but the next thing I knew he had removed all my clothes and was between my legs licking me to heaven. We did not have intercourse but we did have a great evening of oral sex.

  • I was living out of state when I turned 21 yrs old my dad surprised me showing up at my apartment. I had been texting and calling him because I had just moved here and didn't know anyone to go out with to the bars. We had a nice dinner and went to a few places having drinks. The flood of being sexuality attracted to him back when I was starting puberty flooded my body. I was wet and horn flirting and our date felt more as a sexual feeling. I wasn't drunk we was just a bit buzzed as either of us drank much. I grabbed his hand as we walked out of the bar cuddling up close to him. We obviously looked like a couple and I wanted to have sex with him. Our conversation became very sexual and we both hinted toward incest desires. When we got to my place I decided I would strip down to only my panties and top to relax. I wanted to see his reactions and also make my desires clear. The thick bulge in his jeans was evidence we shared the same desire. I cuddle close to him on the couch my hand gripped his meaty shaft. We started making out his hands was up my shirt and I started unzipping his jeans. We stripped each other naked and moved to my bed where we 69 till we both cam. After we cuddled I could tell he was still horny his cock was again very meaty and long.. He seemed nervous but didn't stop me as I straddle his cock and lowered down taking him inside me. We fucked like savages for the weekend and promised he would return the next weekend. We had a 5 yr love affair and knew we had to calm down.

  • Two brothers when I was 13 to 17.

  • Nice one honey. How old are you now if you dont mind me asking..

  • I am 23 now and still getting my brother when they come to visit for we live in neighboring states now and only get together maybe 6 times during the year.

  • You are lucky to be getting your brother honey. My advice is to submit to him each & every time he desires you. You won't regret it.

  • Im 14 and my sister is 11 and we have being messing around over a year now. she sucks my cock and wanks me andbi lick her pussy and and finger her and put my cock in her sometimes. Its hard though because shes so small and her pussy is tealy tight. But i love when i can cumm inside her and she moans....

  • After my divorce I was out at a bar listening to a band when my cousin came in and sat next to me. We hadn't seen each other in a few years so sat catching up. I told her about my divorce she confessed to being in a bad marriage where she was unhappy but felt stuck. We danced , drank and had a good time eventually leaving and ending up back at my house. No sooner had we gotten inside she started kissing me . To be honest I was a little taken back but didn't stop her when she went down to her knees in front of me ,telling me no one has to know, before she started sucking me . We ended up in the bedroom , where she called her husband as I was going down on her telling him she had to much to drink and was staying over my house. We fucked twice that night and again that morning before she left. The sex was great and we have repeated in a few more times since.

  • I have with a couple cousins. One cousin cock teased me large for 2 years. She would call me up while she was playing with her dildo and describing in detail what she was feeling. Call me out to visit her at her house. I get there and she is naked floating in her pool. And yes she is a good looking girl.

    I called her to come over to my house when the wife was gone. I fucked her all over the house starting in the hot tub.

  • Glad your experience was the best in your life, mine was the worst. My cousin asked me quite a few times if he could look at me without clothes on, he somehow always managed to brush up against me, wandering hands. One day I decided what would be the harm letting him have some fun. He rubbed my skin so hard I had to tell him to let up some, he had no clue what he was doing and actually had an orgasm in his underwear attempting to give me one with his fingers.

  • How old were you sweetie and how old are you now..

  • I was around 15 and I am 28 now.

  • Do you not agree that you were to young honey.

  • You were realy young honey. I have daughter just going on 15 and if i knew she dod something like that i would spank her bare bottom till she could not sit for a week. Your lucky im not your mom honey..

  • Well who was it? Ur post is lame

  • My aunt. I was 20, she was twice my age. Single, hot, and with an anal fetish.

  • Nope I do not think I have had sex with anyone you are related to.

  • Gross.

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