First time wife sharing experiment

This started many years ago. The wife and I ran into an old high school sweetheart of hers at a ball game. We talked with him for a while and he seemed like a really nice guy. On the way home I started kidding with her about the guy, asking if they ever did it. She was a little shy about saying anything. She said they came close but never closed the deal. Just some heavy petting. I badgered her to tell me what. She finally told me he got her panties down one night and played with her like that, also had her bra off. Later on the next day I ask her if she ever wondered what he might have been like. She admitted finally that she had wondered but blushed when telling me. About a week later I got a great idea and approached her with it. I ask her if she would like to find out what it might have been like. At first she thought I was nuts to even think about this sort of thing. I did not bring it up again and about three weeks later she mentioned it to me. We started talking about it again and she finally agreed to try it one time. But, she insisted that I would have to be there, which at the time I thought was a little weird, but guess it was a matter of her safety or something. Anyway I called him to present it to him, He was also shocked but after a bit said he would be good with it. He was going through a bad divorce at the time. I will be glad to finish this story if anyone out there is interested in hearing it. Let me know. Thanks, Charles

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  • I would love to share my wife with another guy

  • Yea finish it man we wanna hear

  • I will be happy to finish it for you. Just not sure how to do it. This site is a new experience for us both.

  • Not sure if I did or not, tried too. Email me and we can chat.

  • Well yea..finish it off

  • I tried to finish but not sure if it worked. email me and we can chat.

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