Yep I sniffed and tasted it

I was fitting a laminated flooring in a flat, the customer was a stunning looking lady, long blonde hair, skinny waist and massive tits.
She was dressed showing her midriff with a cutdown top, fuck she looked hot.
She stayed in the kitchen talking to me while I was fitting the flooring in the hallway.
I was clearing up with the vacuum cleaner I opened ever door and cleaned just inside each room.
Got to her bedroom and saw a collection of dildos on the bedside cabinet, I picked one up and had a good sniff then sucked on it.
I didn’t smell or taste any pussy but the thought of it being in her pussy was a job I will never forget.

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  • I’ve got something you can lick.

  • If it’s pussy I’m interested!

  • Let's hope it's not the one she shoves up her boyfriend's ass.

  • SMDL

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