Play with my nipples

I want a woman to suck and rub and flick my nipples. I habe 34 DD tits. I can cum from nipple play.

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  • Well a woman I ain't. But in a minute, I'd have those nips pierced with sexy jewelry that allowed me to connect the dots with a silver chain. There should also be a sharp-pointed attachment which would penetrate oh say a sweater. Without a brasserie, these points could protrude outside the sweater. That way you could wear the chain where everyone would see it. People could 'yank your chain' to get your attention. Alternatively, we could hang a wire around your neck over your shoulders which would connect to each of your pieces of jewelry. That would allow your considerable bust the benefit of an external support. Lastly, there should be a battery stowed somewhere on your body. There should be a button switch, and when you misbehave, anyone could demand that you hand over the button so they could administer an electric shock. I bet you can guess exactly where you'd feel it ...

    It's probably a good thing for you that we'll never meet.

  • I have just gone and clamped a cloths peg on each nipple I love that pain feeling leave them on for about 20 minutes I also squeeze them most of the day

  • Tried the clothes pin and almost died. Pretty sure the people a mile down the street heard me scream! You’re my idol

  • Just keep trying it will be well worth it little steps at a time is the way to go, my wife loved playing with my nipples then got the idea of the cloth's pegs, to stop me taking them off too soon she would have me naked with a leg spreader on and cuffed behind it took a while but I loved it and the pain is nice I would not start off with any more than five minutes then as your comfortable leave them on longer, no more than twenty five minutes even for very experienced

  • I am male and constantly play with my nipples it is so good

  • Want to play with mine?

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