Gfs best friend

I was out clubbing with the lads so my gf and he best friend decided to have a night out aswell, my gf called me asking if I wanted to get a cab home with her and her friend so i did. In the cab her friend started talking about threesomes and stuff like that, when we arrived at my gfs house we all got out to stay at my gfs place.

We got upstairs, I went to the bathroom and my gf and her friend went into the bedroom. When I walked in my gf was at one side of the bed and her friend at the other.. I went in the middle, my gf was very hot as she was wearing a vest and leggings so I turned around and faced her friend, i noticed she was wearing nothing but a bra and the smallest thong I have ever seen. (Her ass is incredible)!

When I woke up in the morning she was rubbing my cock and letting me rub her clit, sucking my fingers and putting my cock inbetween her ass cheeks and grinding me. I was whispering in her ear that I wanted to fuck her and she was saying that she's wanted me to fuck her for years. I got so horny I turned around and had sex with my gf with her beside us.

A few years on I finally fucked her during a break up with me and my gf. I would 100% fuck her again but she is engaged to someone now lol.

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  • Well that was dumb, I would've had a threesome with them.

  • Ya sounds like a good moment, but I understand if your really messed up. I've lost out on a couple chances over the years

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