I'm 35, been married 10 years, lovely husband, good marriage, everything is perfect but I think I'm going a bit crazy.

Six months ago on a crazy spur of the moment thing I bought a full length latex catsuit online. I kind of freaked out when it sunk in that I had actually bought it and when it came I stashed it in the back of my wardrobe and sort of, but not quite, forgot about it.

I put it on last night and when I looked at myself in the mirror all I could think was that I looked so fucking hot. Fuck, I looked hot. It was shiny black, skin tight, looked like it was painted on me. It had a mask with whiskers, little cat ear, and even a tail.

One thing I hadn't realized about it was that it had two holes in the front where my tits came through. It didn't look right the way my tits were exposed like that. I really am going crazy though because I put some rouge on my nipples and then I thought it looked OK. It was crutch-less and had an opening that allowed full access to my pussy but I knew about that.

I thought I would surprise my husband when he came home from work and I laughed out loud (like a crazy woman) at how surprised he was going to be. While I was waiting for him I had another idea. I got a bowl of milk and put it on the kitchen floor. I was going to let him find me on my hands and knees licking milk out of that bowl like a cat.

When he saw me, he dropped his briefcase and his laptop and his face turned white. He just stood there staring at me. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and dipped it in the bowl of milk. I purred like a cat and kept lapping up the milk. My mind was like nowhere. I was just thinking how fucking sexy and hot this must look.

He ripped his clothes off, knelt down and dipped his cock in the milk. He held it up to my mouth for me to lick the milk off. I licked the milk off and he kept dipping it back in the bowl and I kept licking it off until he suddenly came. He doesn't normally cum in my mouth but this time he had actually cum all over my tongue so I just swallowed it and licked the rest of the cum off his cock.

Then I crawled all around the house on my hands and knees and he followed me jerking off the whole time even though his cock wasn't hard yet. He was so fascinated watching me and I was so into the whole weird catwoman thing that he ended up cumming all over me before he got to fuck me.

I had to keep crawling around letting him watch me and sucking his cock before he could get hard again to fuck me. He fucked me doggy on the lounge room floor and just before he came he yelled out. "I'm gonna fuck you up the ass." He didn't though. He just came. He's never fucked me up the ass and never even suggested it.

It was the best fuck we've ever had in our lives and now he keeps calling me at work and saying "Meeow". We're both a bit too embarrassed to talk about it though.

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  • You are amazing

  • It would be amazing to have a wife or girlfriend who wanted to dress up in latex like this. Really hot.

  • My wife is undeniably a hottie. She poses for me to take private nude pics that I often masturbate to. She likes the fact I think and lust after her. I suggest you do the same in that cat suit.

  • You clearly sound like one horny fun girl, your hubby is very lucky

  • Get your husband a Batman costume with front zipper and go for it baby

  • How fortunate is your husband, titties exposed access to your front and rear holes plus mouth with you in a shiny tight latex catsuit, I am going to get one for my wife with a lockable collar so she needs me to let her out of it
    Start getting him to fuck your arse darling it is so terrific

  • Very sexy latex is so very good it really feels and looks great

  • Good for you, what a fun and horny surprise, and a great way to spice up your sex life after so many years of marriage. Cheers!

  • I envy your marriage

  • You Naughty Kitty.

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