Our neighbors Tim and Diane have lived next door for about 4 months. They are a little older, probably 40s, and are nice people. My husband and I don't know them too well, but they seem pretty friendly.

I took the day off work today, and was home alone. My car was in the garage, so it didn't look like anyone was home. A little after noon, I heard some voices outside out on the neighbor's deck, which has an awning and is pretty private, except when looking out our living room window. We're the only neighbors with a view of it.

Our neighbor Diane was out there chatting with a couple of guys. Neither of them was her husband Tim. I'm assuming Tim was at work. I didn't think much about it, until I saw Diane wrap her arms around one of the guys and started to kiss him. The guy standing behind her started feeling her tits through her tank top and eventually slipped off her bikini bottoms so he could either eat her ass or pussy from behind. It was hard to tell which, but maybe both, who knows.

The whole thing was a shock. Diane is a little thick in the hips/ass and shows some age in her facial features, but her body looks quite young with pale, smooth skin. The guys were big and lacked muscle tone, but were fit and had gorgeous dicks. She fucked both guys out there on a lawn chair recliner as well as on top of a table. The dirty talk and sounds of orgasms from all three of them was hot.

I couldn't pull myself away from the window. The whole thing lasted maybe 25 minutes. They hung out for a bit afterwards while Diane wiped her pussy with a towel and had a couple of drinks and cigarettes.

Diane's husband Tim came home later that afternoon, when the other guys were long gone. I have no idea whether he knows that his wife is fucking other guys. I'd say something, but I don't know either one of them well enough and don't want to be the meddling neighbor. A part of me is also envious of her, since I've never had two guys before and the attention they gave her was red hot. It was hard to watch her and not think of myself in her place. I told my husband about what happened, but I didn't admit that watching them had me wet af.

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  • Tell your husband you liked it because I would bet you he has though about you with 2 men before. Don't hide anything because that is a cancer that kills a marriage.

  • Be honest with your hubby. If he loves you he will listen and try his best to accommodate any desire you have. It may not be 2 other guys, but there are ways to fantasize harmlessly.

  • Join them.

  • Join them next time,you might like it.

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