I have to confess...

I'm a 17 year old girl. Beautiful black hair, brown eyes and pale skin. I'm 5'6" and have nice lips and big tits. I have freaky fetishes and kinks.

A lot of people don't understand me. In everyday life I can be pretty bossy and demanding, but sexually I'm a masochist and sub. I would love for a guy to beat the hell out of me and rape me. I want him to bruise me everywhere and fuck me all he wants and use me as a sex toy.

I'm also into DDLG. I want to be someone's little baby girl. I want him to be sweet to me and care for me.

But I'd also be willing to merge my BDSM and DDLG. My BIGGEST fantasy is to be taken by a much older man into the woods and raped there. I want to be his little baby girl sex toy and for him to do to me whatever he wanted. To rape my virgin little girl pussy until it bleeds. I would enjoy it so very much!

Kisses! xx

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  • You may think you want to be raped but in reality it is the most horrific thing that could ever happen to you.

    When I was 15 I was raped by a big Black mother fucker and to this day if I ever run across his path I will kill him with my 45 colt I carry 24/7.

    I spent 27 days in the hospital and had my virgina and my rectum reconstructed, had nearly 47 stitches and couldn't even think about ever enjoy having sex. It has taken me months till I would even talk to my own dad for he was a male and I hated them all

    Therapy and I don't mean just one year of it for I still go every week and now I will talk with my dad and even have a BF but no sex as of yet, don't know if I ever will be comfortable enough to let a man have me that way. Every time a man gets close to me that way I usually end up nearly killing him.
    For the past 12 years yes it happened 12 years ago but the horror still remains inside of me and now I hold three black belts in KWD.

  • Many subs are very confident and in control in their daily lives and very submissive in the bedroom, and some doms like myself are very laid back and not into structure in their daily lives but take total control in the bedroom, this is well known phenomena in the bdsm community also i am an attractive man in my 30s who has had several subs and an lg

  • God if only every girl was like this I'd definitely enjoy the world a bit more

  • I whip my wife. She hates it.

  • Not today, ISIS.

  • Sounds like ur the old man posting I don't think any girl thinks this

  • Well I really do think like this you stupid ass motherfucker. I really am a teen girl, I'm just fucked up you dumbass

  • You've posted this twice before

  • Yes, and?????? Fuck off

  • You got a Snapchat? I can fulfill that fantasy

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