Has it ever happened to anyone here?

An honest, serious answer would really help me... has anyone here ever fallen in love with a family member?
It's happened to me (I'm a guy). Someone from my family has spent a great deal of her life travelling, so she just met me a few months ago and we were really drawn to each other from the very first second. It wasn't long until we ended up in bed, the attraction was too strong... but at least for me, it's becoming something else.
I know it's sick, but I'm talking about my aunt here. I'm 21, she's 39, never married, no kids, hotter and brighter than any girl my age. We fuck a lot, even unprotected, and we just love being together. But i'm legit falling in love with her, and the idea of pursuing a relationship is obviously crazy...

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  • Never use,condoms. Get her to,eat the sperm or I like cumming deep in her ass during that fertile time. But also never deprive her womb of your sperm. Her DNA NEEDS YOUR DNA...because its the same,DNA.

  • My sister and I are totally in love. We started fucking a few months ago and it just felt so natural and so right. We hope to run off together when we are old enough, move far away where nobody knows us, and hopefully get married and have babies together. She is 14 now and I am 13, hopefully she won't get pregnant before we're older, I usually pull out and cum on her tits or in her mouth, as our mom won't let her go on the pill. We both hate condoms, it feels like fucking a rubber blow up doll or something, I like to feel my sisters wet pussy wrapped around my hard cock. We think our mom might suspect we are fucking, but she hasn't said anything, but she is acting strange lately.

  • I too have fallen in love with my uncle. My parents divorced, moved to another state, I was living with my bf at the time, I was only 19 when I gave birth to my 2 girls. Then suddenly my bf dies in a motorcycle accident. But 3 months before that my aunt died giving birth to twins, boy & girl. My uncle (George) not blood related decided to take us in, his house was big enough for all of us. We developed a relationship of some sort. He was 9 yrs older than me. We went on family functions together, dinner together, we did everything like a couple would do. One night after shoveling snow, he came inside and warmed up by the fireplace where I was sitting at, having a glass of wine, and we just kissed, only words that was exchanged besides the moaning, was I love you. It's been 37yrs and til this day no one knows our secret. We still live with each other

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