So I'm a guy and me and my sister were at a party and I got knocked out at some time. I woke up in a dark room, naked and tied up. Two guys came and picked me and put me in another room where my sister was tied up, and she was being fucked. They forced her to suck my dick and I was getting fingered while it happened. The worst part is they put her on the bed and fucked her again, and they guy pulled out, and they started pouring and forcing melted butter into her pussy. And I'm talking like 700ml to a litre of warm butter. After it was poured in they punched her and told her to squirt it out. I was bent over and one of them started fucking me. Then as my sister started squirting and the butter mixed with their cum came pouring out they forced me down on her pussy and made me drink it. Every last drop. They started fisting her and she was crying in pain, I was taken into another room where I couldn't see anything and I was beaten. Random fists and kicks and sticks everywhere and I didn't know where for like 20 mins. Me and my sister were then tossed outside. We went home, worst walk of our lives. I went straight to bed the next morning I told her we should go to the police. And she said no, she enjoys being dominated and likes those guys. I told her if she won't go I will, and she hit me in my already black eye and told me if I say a word she will make sure they rape me again. So I can't do anything about being beaten, raped and dehumanised

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  • You wouldn't believe it but the exact same thing happened to me and my sister.

  • Yeah it happened to me and my sister too only they made her swallow ping pong balls and slapped her ass with a baseball bat to make them come out of her pussy and hit me in the face.

  • I started walking home from a party which was not going well for me, I had been groped so many times and was getting tired of it. I think someone saw me leaving though because I was not looking for a ride but this car stopped next to me and two guys got out of the back door and dragged me into the back seat. My shirt was pulled up over my head and soon I was being carried into a house by at least three people. After quite a bit of struggling I was stripped and tied to a bed spread out then hands and tongues started roaming all parts of me. This went on for hours and I was so tired and worn out, I remember one of them saying that the sun was rising, I thought to myself I left the party at about 1 am and the sun is rising. They still had my shirt over my head and tied my hands behind my back. The car stopped and I was pulled out, they untied my hands and left me lying on the grass in a park near my home. I got my shirt on and picked up my purse, surprised that they left it for me. I walked home wearing just my shirt.

  • Omg lucky girl...thats so sexy...i want you now

  • Holy shit, I wish something like that would happen to me.

  • Trust me you wouldn't. Like people fantasise about being raped but when it actually happens, it's horrible and nothing like what you want. It's terrible

  • Who can afford all that butter? They should try margarine.

  • What kind of party's do you go to........Bullshit

  • Tard move out of your moms basement and get a job

  • 😂😂

  • Yeah, of course.

  • Cool fantasy made me hard

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