How can I stop

For years my husband and I would go to some of the many hiking trails that are available to us in a nearby area. We would find spots to view the trails that were approaching , wait until we could see some guy's heading our way. Then we would get naked and have sex. So when those men would get closer they would have to walk right past us . You can't imagine how much this can turn you on. Although he's never offered me to another man he has never said no when they have joined. Then all of a sudden he doesn't want to do that anymore . I have tried not to go too. I just couldn't do it , I have been going to the trails by myself for the last few months. Meeting with men and having sex. Lately it seems to have over come me , I have been going nearly every day when he runs off too work. Yesterday I was so ready I almost passed him on the highway. I think about it non stop all day and night. I realize he's eventually going to find out , but I don't feel like it's all my fault, after all he's the one who started the process with me. I found this site as I'm sitting in the parking lot of the trails. I would very much like to hear your thoughts on this.

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  • It's a beautiful afternoon for a short hike

  • I was just wondering if you were at Oswald state park , I came across a bunch of guys that were standing in a circle it looked like something was happening but I didn't have the nerve to walk over and ask

  • I was yes it actually turned out to be a little scary.way more people than I am used to

  • How many people? What happened?

  • I'm definitely going to be more cautious in the future

  • I saw a group of hiker's heading my way so I undressed , I believe that there were over nine men at first they were only looking at me I had to ask them for it. I was unprepared for that many men. After what seamed like an hour I was begging them to stop

  • Did they fill you with cum?

  • There was a lot in and on me

  • Where are you, I'll come join you. It would be sexy as hell

  • So anyone up for a good hike today

  • "I was so ready I almost passed him on the highway." lmfao, you GO, girl!!

  • Thank you

  • I believe I have seen you about a week ago. You have some tats on your legs and back , long brown hair . You weren't naked but walking alone up as my wife and I were walking down. We warned you about the trees down on the trail. Was that you ?

  • Yes I do remember that , your wife has very short hair and had a water bottle backpack in her hand. What a small world. You should have turned around and followed me. Lol

  • Before I got married to him, my then bf and I used to have public sex all of the time. We'd screw in parks and on beaches, mostly, and it was usually in the wide open. It was a kink of ours to have people watch. Luckily, we never ran into trouble, as we could have. Like your husband, we stopped doing it at a certain point.

    The problem that you have is that you are addicted to the thrill of it, and it got out of control when you started cheating. I'd get some counseling, because you need to have your head examined.

  • Maybe you are right

  • Sweetie, do you take it in the arse and give blow jobs ?

  • Alot of blow jobs and whatever happens happens

  • Your a hot little whore aren't you Baby ?

  • I guess I'm hot I haven't been told no by anyone yet

  • Hey you sound fantastic, fun, and exciting I'd love to meet you on the trail sometime I'll be the one winking at you with a hardon.... hope to see you soon.

  • I just love the excitement not to mention the sex

  • Please don't stop and please let me know when you are I would love to see and meet you

  • I will only tell you that I'm in Oregon

  • Grants pass?

  • Cape perpetua or however you spell it is actually my favorite and the closest to my house

  • Oh have you met me or seen my husband and I in the past ?

  • Yes. Next time I'll jump in and fuck you. Nothing better than cum, dirt, and sweat all mixed together.

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