Renting my spare room

I responded to one of the posts on here but thought it would make a great story. I used to rent out my spare bedroom to college students about ten years ago, it was actually quite a good deal for them because the way the house was built there were two bedrooms on the other side of the house from the master bedroom and there was a living room and large den so basically the kitchen was the only place space overlapped. I gave them both bedrooms to use and a bathroom right off the hallway. I usually rented only to women because they were much more reliable and neat for one thing but one of them named Robin proved to be the exception.
I met her mom when she moved in and all seemed very good until the second semester when she got two months behind in rent. I reminded her a few times during the week after it was due and she apologized and told me things were really tight. The next day in the afternoon I was sitting in the den watching tv when she appeared in the doorway nude, she walked over and stood in front of the coffee table and told me that as long as she was behind in rent I could do whatever I wanted with her until she was caught up. I told her that she really did not want to do that but the sight of her naked body was a little intoxicating so when she told me again that it was not going to be payment of rent that she looked at it as an added benefit to me because she was behind it was hard to turn her away. I told her well okay then but there will be very little satisfaction for you from this, I pulled down my pants and spread my legs out, she kneeled down and gave me a great blow job while I fondled her tits. I came a little quickly from all the excitement and when she quit sucking on me I told her to keep on sucking. She sucked on me for about fifteen minutes and I told her that was good for today and thanked her.
I had always wanted to try bondage and her little frame and decent sized breasts looked like the perfect body to try it out on. I had no idea how long I had for this so I picked up some rope and other things I could think of for tying her up. When she arrived home two days later she asked if I was in mood for another blow job, I told her that I had something else in mind so if she would come to the den nude again that would be great. I had an absolute great time tying her up, teasing, tickling, pinching, it was such a turn on with her not able to resist. I gave her multiple orgasms, I came twice from her wonderful mouth and she told me that she had a great time as well. I can tell you that it was at least a two hour long sex session in which she was having great orgasms.
I untied her and she was not even upset at all, she hung out for like ten minutes telling me that it was one of the most satisfying sexual experiences of her life. I told her that it was a great time for me as well fulfilling one of my life long fantasies. I think we did that on a Wednesday afternoon if I remember correctly and on Saturday afternoon she came to me in the kitchen and told me that she would really love it if I did it again to her. I asked her when she wanted to do it and she told me anytime you want so I told her that I would get set up then come get her.
I went down the hallway a little bit and told her that I was all set up if she was ready, she walked out of her room nude and told me she was ready. I had an ambitious goal to hog tie her with her legs spread wide and her chest held up letting those gorgeous breasts stick out off the end of the table. I could not wait to get her in this position because for one she tasted unbelievably sweet and I planned on getting my fill of her and I loved binding her breasts because her nipples looked great popping outwards. She was really into getting tied up and even gave me suggestions for her arms and breasts when I was tying her up, her legs and hips were so flexible that they were almost straight across. Her vagina was lovely showing just a little of the pink inside walls from being spread so far and it was never hard to find her clitoris as it would peek right out of the hood. I pulled her hips to the end of the table and licked her for a solid half hour giving her a few orgasms right off, I then pulled back over and hung her breasts off the end securing her shoulders to the other end of the table, I licked and played with them for quite some time before getting up and letting her suck me. It was more me pushing in and out of her mouth though as she could barely move her head. After a great orgasm I went back around her behind her and licked her again for a long time getting my fill of her wonderful tasting pussy.
I had her in three different positions that day and she never complained once and offered numerous suggestions when tying her up. She was truly into it and at the end of the session sat on the couch and told me she was so exhausted yet so satisfied. She told me to sit down on the couch and she then got up and knelt between my legs swallowing me down completely, she sucked on me for a while to get me to orgasm again.
She came to me about a week later with a check for the whole rent amount plus next month and I was happy on one hand but then sad on the other because of no more sex. She apologized for getting so behind but told me she would do her best to not let it happen again. She came to me a few days later in the evening and asked if I would like to have another session, I did not even comment on the fact that she was paid up. I just told her sure and she took off all her clothes right there in the den and asked how I wanted her. We had dozens of such times and I got to explore my bondage fetish anyway I could come up with her, she had amazing sexual skills and would even just come into the den and ask me if I wanted a blow job. She lived there for two and half years, it was the absolute highlight of my sex life and I have never heard from her again.

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