Retired and giving head

I am a widower, retired and I live in a tourist area in southern Alabama and for about the last year and a half I have been giving blow jobs to men. I just basically post an ad on CL looking for men who would like one and sometimes I get no responses but most of the time at least one.
I do it anonymously thru a glory hole or if they are not worried about it I just have them either lay on a bed or sit on the couch whatever is more comfortable for them. I have had men on vacation that come back everyday they are here just to get away from their family, single guys working in the area and some are older like me that have no wife or so they say anyways.
I am not sure why I got into doing it but so far all the ads for women have never yielded anyone serious or real as far as I can tell. I have had a few of the guys ask if I want one in return and I never turn them down and I have a regular guy that comes over and we swap favors. I enjoy doing it so it never feels wrong and I have not had a bad experience yet as most of them are in their thirties and forties and just want to get sucked and leave. There is one younger guy who I have had over about six times now and I remember back when I was in my twenties and got that hard.

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  • I'm 63, and get together with other older men to suck cock. Fun, no drama, everyone gets off. I'm no longer very shy about telling people I do suck cocks, and have been able to do a few guys because of how open I am about it. I also tell women if I would like to suck their husband's cock, and hope it works out. It has a couple times.

  • I would love to spend some time with you.

  • Come down and see me. What's your email?

  • I never thought that my story would get so much attention. I had two men come by today, not at the same time. One of them was a new one here on vacation and the second was a regular. The new one could not believe that I do this and it took him several minutes so put his thru the glory hole. I started to lick and suck on him and he was so excited by it that he came in about two minutes. I told him now that you have been here you can come back tomorrow and be more relaxed about it. He was so shocked that I do it daily, I was half joking with him and told that if he wanted to relax and lay down he could come into the house and lay down on a bed. He told me he actually preferred to be standing up and when he was not leaving right away I told him well put it back thru the hole and I will pleasure you some more. I gave him about fifteen minutes of sucking before he came again and then he asked me what time he could come back tomorrow.

  • Ever give head to your sons friends or daughters boyfriends??

  • Get out of the gutter moron

  • What's wrong with it? I bet his kids friends lusted after him.

  • Dirty old man

  • I am a guy and i wish we can share it

  • Your very nice I take it you do not charge for this wonderful service ?

  • No I just do it for the enjoyment.

  • Your such a wonderful lady I wish I lived close to you darling, I really hope you get as much lovely and clean cock as you want

  • I am a man not a lady.

  • OH yuk your disgusting

  • Why say that? Men make the best cocksuckers since we have one too! Just like women eat pussy better then men.

  • I am 57, and have in the past sucked cock at gloryholes from time to time. Turned on that you do it. I wouldlike to hear more about the cocks you have sucked.

  • Most of the men that have come to me are average size but there is one man that has a really large penis, not only long but wide as well. I have to stretch my mouth wide when he gets fully hard, his head is so large it is really amazing. I can imagine that any woman he is with must be sore when he his done with them.

  • You are so nice i wish we can be partners

  • I sure like your attitude. I am 76 and married... and I love sucking cock. I don't get nearly enough of it, tho. Being married, I hesitate to bring men to my house. Fear of being caught by wife or grown kids. Anyway -- I love the fact that you're sucking all that cock and pleasing all those men who need their balls drained.

  • Do you swallow all that cum?

  • It just depends how I am feeling, honestly speaking I do not really think about it to much and if it happens it happens. I think most men enjoy it more if I keep sucking on when they do orgasm but personally I like to be stroked harder when I orgasm.

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