Tested by wife and MIL

I've always been attracted to older women but my wife is several years younger than me. I'm 41 and my wife is 35. My wife has always been very close to her stepmother, "Jane", who raised her. She's 59 and always been beautiful and sexy in a classy way. Since my FIL died a couple years ago, she flirts with me when we're around, even in front of my wife. Not overtly sexual just sort of "I like those pants/shirt on you" and "have you been working out?", generally complimenting my looks. I also catch her checking me out. My wife knows I'm attracted to Jane and says she has a bit of a crush on me. My wife gets off on it, she's always been really turned on when women flirt with me, even encourages when we're out. Our sex life is not lacking.
My wife has done something very naughty. My wife has taken pics of my cock while we're fucking, then texted them to Jane "accidentally" as if she's sending them to me saying something like "mmm your cock felt so good last night". The first time Jane did not reply but laughingly told my wife later "I think you sent me something by mistake and I'm JEALOUS!!". The second time she replied almost immediately "you did it again...I'm starting to look forward to your mistakes LOL!".
My wife keeps hinting about a threesome but then laughs it off like she's joking, but I really don't think she is. I'm sure my wife is not attracted to Jane but would like to see us fuck. I've never cheated on my wife, but I would love to fuck Jane if a threesome happened (would also fulfill the mother/daughter fantasy). My wife hasn't said so, but I think they are planning on this. I don't want to seem overly eager to my wife, but I don't think we can hold out much longer, this has to come to a climax soon (pun intended).

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  • My attitude is like to the royals "the more that the world ignores them, they will go away and have less platforms to push their abuse on the general public who are tired of hearing about them when they are so mean and abusive. they harm everyone who is a fan anyway." ignore them and you give the power back to the people! and that has to be the bottom line for us commoners to survive! its all about the Windsors (fake name, THE MERRY WIFE'S OF WINDSOR CAN GO EAT C***!) survival well, times are tough, its all about the COMMONERS SURVIVAL NOW!

  • As I indicated, I remain interested [read intrigued] in/by this thread, so I wanted to return to learn if there are any new developments, discussion or photos shared. Hope all is well with you!

  • This is very intriguing and I intend to follow this thread. I hope you continue posting. You may be able to goad them into this without much effort and without betraying your desire for it.

    It’s obvious that your wife and mil enjoy sharing this ‘joke’ between them. If your wife is aroused if women pay attention to you, she may have cucquean fantasies even if she doesn’t want you to ‘cheat.’ That she ‘keeps’ hinting means this thing must do SOMETHING for her. But no one wants to ‘cross lines’ that may adversely affect relationship. So – she has her fun and then laughs it all off. I have to wonder if she keeps ‘doing’ this in the hope of a ‘break’ in the routine, that some angle may come to light that allows this to move forward a bit more. So we ‘goad’ them to act. And as you sense that SOME resolution is essential seems, this intuition seems good.

    I’d wait until all three of you are together and BOTH women make some comment or observation. THEN, you [essentially] call their hand. ‘Yeah, yeah – you two go on about this … you both know perfectly neither one of you has any more interest in this than in walking to Timbuktu. If they protest that they do … ‘yeah right – you’ve both agreed to this and keep looking for an opportunity … I’ll believe it when you do it!’

    This humorously tells them to ‘prove it!’ I don’t buy it, but prove me wrong ladies!’ They may be taken back by that and escalate at a later time. Be ready to respond if they do. OR, they MAY surprise you on the spot. ‘Oh, so this is for real!’ OK – whose first, ladies? … Oh wait! Who haven’t I had the pleasure of meeting … and proceed to stand behind the mil … give her a hug from behind and judge where/how your hands move by your wife’s reaction [watch her like a hawk] and by your mil’s response.

    Tell us what you do, and how things go!

  • Thanks for the advice! As much I would love to bed Jane (and my wife), it would not be worth it if any of our relationships were damaged. When my wife confessed about the texts I felt somewhat betrayed. I sort of thought mine and Jane's crushes were just between my wife and myself (and wife and Jane). But I was also excited and wanted to know Jane's reaction. Jane and my wife are doing a charity run/walk tomorrow so Jane will be at our house, we'll see how it goes.

  • You want to give the girls just enough rope to hang themselves ... in a manner of speaking.

  • Fantastic advise there are some smart people here, also some dopes but gee your good pal, it sounds to me like they both want it so much but are uncertain of the movement's to commitment, he has to push it a bit, they should clearly be OK and have a great future

  • Thanks.

    The ladies certainly don’t want to be called for breaking a major taboo. And he doesn’t want to ‘tip his hand’ by seeming over-eager.’ Everyone is 'testing the waters,' and no one dares go further. The question is, ‘how do you break the impasse.’

    What I’m suggesting DENIES that they’re serious about what they’re obviously doing while putting on THEM the onus to ‘prove’ that they really are serious! And it does so by combining the ‘calling your hand' PLUS ‘the dare’ strategies with a hint of ‘I can take it if you can…’

    Depending on their reaction, he can [for example] stand behind his MIL, hug her, and slowly raise his hands to cup her breasts, weigh them, perhaps find and gently pinch her nips.

    If at some point someone protests, he can stand back and say, ‘there – I’m right and your game’s up … so you don’t have to play anymore. And you – to his wife – can stop sending family pictures to mom – since she obviously isn’t interested…’ Hopefully, that won’t be necessary. But it does give a ‘safe’ way out for all involved.

    On the other hand, there may BE no protest … in which he begins to nibble mom’s neck … and move one hand off a breast to her thigh … and ... but we'll need his input beyond that ;)

  • My god man what are you waiting for!! A threesome with wife and her hot stepmom? I'm hard thinking about that. Do it and get back here with how it goes.

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