Wife Scratching her Itch with my Dad

I'm 25, and two years ago I suffered an injury that left me paralyzed from the waist down. I can get around in a motorized wheelchair, but my days of having sex are pretty much over. Sometimes I can get a minor erection, but it's always too soft for sustainable intercourse. My wife is 24, and is drop dead gorgeous. We've been married four years.

We've talked about sex, and I've asked her if she can still be satisfied with me in my current state. She never liked discussing the topic, and usually just said, "Don't worry about me, I just love you." I can still give her oral, which I've done many times, but I've always worried that she was going to look for a hard cock to fuck. I told her I'd understand, if she ever did, but to let me know in advance, because I don't like surprises. It was something we could discuss further.

Well, last month I noticed that her trips to the store were taking not two hours, but more like four or five hours. She would also be putting on short skirts and makeup, which was odd for going grocery shopping. I was suspicious, so I put a GPS tracking device on her car. I soon learned that she was having an affair. The part that bothers me is that she's not having an affair with a friend or coworker, but with my Dad, who is 49.

This really pisses me off. Out of all the people in the world with whom she could have had an affair, it fucking had to be a family member. It's driven a major wedge into my relationship with my entire family. When I pressed him, my Dad just said, "She was in heat and asked for some dick. What was I going to do? Say no? Who turns down hot pussy?" I told him that I felt slighted that he was not only fucking my wife, but doing it behind my back. We haven't talked since.

I've also been talking to my Mom about all of this (she is divorced from my father), and she is urging me to ditch my wife. She says that she is a slut with no chance of being reformed. I told her that I still love my wife, and want to work through this issue. Weirdly, she doesn't even blame my Dad for any of this. She is like, "Of course he's going to fuck her. He's a guy. She's the one being the slut." I don't know if I can trust my wife again, or if I should be more understanding. All I know is that I'm really upset.

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  • You can try Viagra or another product. If it doesnt work you can get a penile implant to make you hard

  • There's always two sides to the coin.
    Yes she was wrong so was your dad BUT you couldn't give her what she needed and she needed to have SEX. Your dad on the other hand should have said NO but like all men you can't turn down a good piece of ass when it's handed to you.

    If you love your wife then accept the fact that she needs a cock in her puss now and then and your father needs a puss for his cock. Better to keep it in the family rather than some stranger down the street.

  • I'm the original poster.

    I appreciate the thoughts, but in three days obviously not much has changed. My wife and I are going through counseling to unpack the lying and deceit. I'm still devastated that my Dad is a part of this.

    The comments here has made me realize that maybe it could be worse (and it is a very bad situation as it is). It has led me to think that the one fortunate thing is that my Dad is not into stealing my wife away from me. He just wants to have some sex with her, and not to marry her or anything. She always has come home to take care of me after she's been with him. I guess that is good, given the bad dynamic. I'm still not sure if I can handle it.

    I'll also be clear about this: I don't want kids at this point, and neither does my wife. Maybe in a few years, but I'm more into adopting children, given my situation. I haven't talked to my wife about kids in a while, but I sure as hell don't want them seeded by my Dad.

  • Good on you Buddy you are starting to see the positive side of such a relationship, let your wife know that your thoughts are slowly changing and when you are sure have a talk to your dad and let him know you no longer dislike him fucking your wife and all is forgiven.
    They will both love you more for it

  • Agreed! So long as parties agree, there is no attempt to deceive about intentions or 'steal' a spouse, this can be a solid answer to a situation which otherwise has no resolution.

  • I'm guessing that this is your one chance for your wife to have a child who is biologically related to you. With any luck, that child will even look like you.

    No, this wasn't given the best handling. Dad ought to have spoken with you first. And when you confronted him, he ought to have taken the high road. And even before that, your wife ought to have discussed this with you as you said. You have every right to feel slighted. They didn't respect you in this.

    But can you overlook those mistakes, see the good and beauty here, and hope for a child that is related to you? I understand your wife's difficulty in speaking about these things. But as a part of her commitment to you, it behooves her to work on communication.

    That said, and intending no cruelty, may I say that merely by staying with you in such circumstances, your wife is making enormous sacrifices already. First love her for this. Next, work toward acceptance. Then you can work on supporting her in this.

    For the mistakes that were made in how this was handled, you can view this as a way your wife can honor your family, and your father can give you one of his last but greatest of gifts.

    I sincerely hope that you find emotional strength and personal character to separate and address these many issues as DISPASSIONATELY as you can. You have a chance to hold together a marriage and your place in the family.

    I think you're too good a man NOT to have both. All the best to you!

  • Look, I'm no prude.. but this is highly immoral. Your father is a piece of shit who should have remembered raising you from a baby to realize not only is it highly inappropriate but disrespectful to you. If you want her, have her, forgive her, but this will eat at you like a cancer and doubtfully you'll be able t trust either.

  • Let them fuck what is the big deal, you know about it and I am sure you would not want her slutting around town, just because he is your father means little they are not related give them your blessing

  • She's gonna need it from someone and you can't do it. Would you rather that it be some musclebound trainer from the gym who's the same age and could steal her away? Or your Dad, who is just enjoying some pussy and giving her some sausage and cream when she needs it. I DO think they should not have tried to keep it secret, though. That's a little fucked up. Address that issue first.

  • She will have his baby soon

  • Your seriously being selfish here how about thinking of your poor wife, she needs a cock in her who else would you choose I think you want her not to get fucked because you can't do it well that's not good enough she sounds like a fantastic women and you should be more appreciative or you might end up back with your mother

  • I am sure your overreacting pal cool it, probably the best guy for her to be having an affair with, obviously your mother is jealous about it "fuck her" she isn't getting any and wants you, him and your wife to be miserable , give them your blessing and think what may happen if you were in her position

  • Come on bro you didn't notice her pussy tasted different, nice and creamy and dripping wet when she got home??

  • Your Dad is the problem here. There is no way he should have touched "your goods" without your approval. He was probably thinking about it even before your disability, and maybe your wife too. It sounds tough, but I'd side with your Mom and ditch this bitch. I hope u don't have kids.

  • Your silly obviously someone who does not like others having fun wake up to yourself

  • Hey man it's not such a bad situation, think about it she is unlikely to leave you and it sounds like it could be good for everybody

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