Now wanting the same

I'm 23 and love flirting with boys, I dress so boys look at me and I love knowing boys fancy me.
Never in my life would I believe I've been thinking like I have recently.
I've started a new job and my line manager is the same age as me, we have become great friends, after work drinks, meals, cinema etc.
She has made it no secret she is a lesbian, one evening we stayed in talking, basically telling each other about family and life stories.
I asked about her being a lesbian, she said she has always known, she has been with a couple boys when she was 17 but her true feelings are towards the same sex.
We both work in sales so jokingly I said, sell me a lesbian!
For the next 45 minutes I was all ears especially when it came to sex, every feeling she described I've never had, I had goosebumps listening.
For the last three weeks I keep thinking about some of the things she described, especially the body caressing and the wonderful feelings when you are both doing the same thing to each other with the same body part.
I've been with a few boys that have wanted to take time but it has always ended just fucking.
I'm now wanting what my new friend is getting in bed and with the same sex.

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  • Sweetie start it up with her she is obviously experienced so should be able to take the lead and train you very well, you will love it particularly if you are a little submissive, tell us how your progressing please xx

  • Honey go for it I too was curious and love it. My girlfriend told me she did it a few times back in school and it sounded hot now when our husbands go golfing we have our fun.

  • Hot

  • You will really enjoy it Honey my best school friend and I had a lesbian relationship and just a year ago we started at it again our husbands know and support us so I suppose now we are called bi

  • Well just ask her Darling I am certain she wants you just as badly

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