Fishing day

One summer I was on a fishing trip with my wife and a friend and his wife. The boat is on the water the whole week and we fish everyday for most of the day.
In the third or forth day my wife was called away for a family thing and told me to stay. My friend wasn't feeling well because we drank to much the night before so his wife and I headed out for a few hours ourselves. This wasn't the first time we fished just the two of us but this time was much different.
We headed out on the lake and got to one of the spots we liked to fish. It was a hot day with very little wind but there weren't many boats out that day.
We had caught a few and my friends wife was fishing the bow when she stumbled and fell off the boat and into the water. She's not comfortable in water and I knew that so I immediately jumped in with her and helped her to the ladder and helped back into the boat. She was obviously very shaken and was holding onto me very tightly through it all.
Once we were back in the boat she was sitting shivering so I got a towel out and started drying her off when she stood up and have we a long hug and said thank you and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
We were both wearing wet clothing and I took my shirt off and hung it on the boat. As soon as I was done she asked if I would be ok if she stripped to her underwear so she could dry her clothing. I told her that was fine and actually was happy thinking I would get to see her in just her like that. She was down to her bra and panties and was laying on the bow in the sun drying off. I walked over toward her as we were chatting and she suddenly told me that she would be ok with me fucking her in payment for rescuing her. I was a little surprised but walked up and looked at her laying on her back.
I didn't say anything and pulled my shorts and underwear of and stood over her. I reached down and put my fingers in her waistband of her panties and played with her breast with the other hand. I slowly got her panties of and when they were slipped off she reached for my cock. She stoked it for a bit and then pulled me over to her face and started to give me one of the best blow jobs ive had in a long time. She noticed how much I was enjoying it and stopped to tell me she would be ok with cumming in her mouth but she would rather fuck me.
I had been playing with her tits and pussy for most of the blowjob and she was very wet and ready. I moved back and position myself between her legs and slipped it in. I fucked her for only a couple minutes when she shuddered in orgasm. We continue to fuck in four or five positions and she came one more time before begging me to cum in her pussy and I obliged. It was hot and we didn't get dresses right away. After and hour of just laying around I was hard again and we fucked again but this time she had me finish in her mouth. It was one of the most fun days I've ever had In a boat!

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  • Extra sexy man your ever so lucky

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