Used roughly

I am not a virgin at all, I am bi sexual. I have sucked lots of juicy cocks, and have had them pump my ass so full of cum that it ran down my legs. But Friday night was different. While walking the dog at a rest area in a dark area a man aproached me, when he was close enough I saw he had his dick out. This didn't suprise me or cause alarm with me. I bent down to pet my dog, as he got closer he told me he had something for me. He stopped right in front of me aiming his dick at my face. His dick was about 8 inches long and nice and thick. He told me to open my mouth but said I couldn't touch it with my hands. I opened up and to my suprise he held my head and shoved his dick in balls deep. He held me and fucked my face, pulling completely out and having me suck his balls. Then shoving it back down my throat. I was suprised when my hand was placed on someone else's dick. We had been joined by two other men. I stroked them as my face was force fucked. Then my pants were lowered and I felt a dick pushing into my ass. When the head entered my ass that guy shoved his entire dick into me. If my mouth wasn't stuffed with dick I probably would have cried out from the pain. I tasted the dick in my mouth shoot his first shot of cum before he shoved it down my throat for his last time, shooting his cum straight down my throat. He pulled back and emptied his balls in my mouth, having me swallow every drop. He pulled out and the third guy entered my mouth. These two guys were fucking me as one. They would shove their dicks completely in me at the same time. Pulling out until only their dick heads were in me then driving their dicks as deep in me as they could get. I felt the guy in my ass as he held me tight and started pumping his cum deep in my ass. He pulled out and the dick was removed from my mouth and he entered my ass. He roughly fucked my ass and I started meeting his thrusts with my own. I wanted him deeper. I squeezed his dick with my ass milking his cock. I felt his balls hitting mine as we thrust against each other. Finally as he held me close I felt him emptying his balls shooting his cum up my ass. I pulled my pants up, made it back to my car and had to rest for a while getting my legs back under me. Sitting in my car I could feel the cum leak out of my ass. I was looking around wondering how many people knew what had just happened. I wanted to taste another cock, wanted the empty feeling in my ass to be filled again. Nothing else happened so I went home. I can't wait to go back next Friday! I will lube up and wear a pretty pair of panties hoping to do it again.


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  • Makes me want to walk my dog in the park so I can suck cock and get ass fucked. Married cock sucker -- and having a dry spell. Thanks -- enjoyed it.

  • Wish I could meet you walking your dog, I would suck your cock and fuck you and your dog. You could force your cock up my ass and wear it out, stretch it with your dick and fill it with cum then have your dog fuck the hell out of me. Your cum would be my lube for his big dick. By the time you both are thru with me I will have cum running down my legs.

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