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My best friends little sister turned 12 like a few weeks ago, and she's a bit of a slut for her age, and the other day i was walking through an alleyway when I saw three 15 year old guys fucking her. One was going up the ass, one was going in her mouth and the third was fingering her, and she was giving him a handjob. They were in the middle of a forest so it's likely no one else seen them, and they didn't make a lot of noise because her mouth was full. I know for a fact that she is completely willing to this and is consenting them, and I've been watching regularly as they are starting to get into that habit now if constantly doing it. I'm not sure what to do cause she's fucking 12, and it's my best friends sister. Should I just let it be or what?

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  • A bit of an error I put in the story. I said I was walking through an alleyway and they were in the middle of a forest. What I mean was the alleyway leads into the forest I went through it. My mistake

  • Report that to the police! She's way below the legal age of consent!

  • I know it's illegal but she is completely utterly willing to do it, it's not completely the older guys faults

  • Tell her parents. My daughter was only caught makeing out with an oder boy few weeks ago and shes not even 12. She only had her panties on and t, shirt. It made it handy for me to take of her panties and give her the longest and hardest spanking she ever got. My husband came home from work soon after and gave our princess a good dose of her hairbrush on her again bare bottom. She will think twice..

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