Wild Wife / Happy Husband

I had been married to Suzi for about 15 years. I love dressing her up slutty and watching the reaction from other guys. A few years back, a mutual friend of ours, Alberto, came over one Saturday night to color and cut Suzi's hair. He was a dark skinned friend we had known for quite a while and he earned his living as a male beautician.

Suzi was dressed in Daisy Dukes , no panties, with glimpses of cheek and lips showing and a tight sleeveless top with no bra. She is 5'3", blonde and a little chunky. MMMMM she looked good. Alberto wore a pair of tight Speedos and a tank top.

They were outside on the breezy patio to begin the haircutting adventure. They began after smoking some bud, and continued to drink wine during the process. I let them be, and 'pretended' to be busy elsewhere, all the while spying on them in my perverted way.

I noticed from time to time Suzi would 'accidentally' brush her boobs into Alberto. It became apparent from the bulge in his Speedos that her 'carelessness' was beginning to impact him. Suzi noticed his growing bulge and a time or two took her tiny hand and slowly teased him with a little rub across his manhood.

This play continued for about an hour and a half during the haircutting process, which seemed to take an inordinately long time. I made occasional appearances to show I was being a dutiful husband. Behind the scenes, I was watching, touching myself and getting totally aroused. Once the haircut was done, and my wife's new color complete, she looked stunning.

We celebrated with much more wine and some bud. The sexual tension between those two was off-the-charts, and I was totally enjoying watching this play out. One thing led to another, and before long Alberto and I both had our cocks out and Suzi was on her knees in her slutty clothes servicing both of us. I was in Heaven.

Before long, Alberto grabbed Suzi's hair, and yanked her head over to his cock, deeply shoving his manhood far into her mouth. Looking at his face I could tell he was ready to unload, and he did. Suzi, for her part, took all of it in her mouth, allowing a steady stream of cum to run out of her mouth and on to her black tank top. She kept sucking as Alberto released the full fury of his orgasm into her mouth. I could imagine myself in his place.

To watch his jism, drool down her freckled face, onto her lips, to her chin, hands, and everywhere was too much for me. I grabbed her by the hand....led her to the bedroom with Alberto in tow. I threw her on the bed, pulled aside the Daisy Dukes, put my tounge in her cum-filled mouth and proceeded to fuck her for all I was worth. In 45 seconds, my load flowed deep into her pussy as Alberto reached down and grabbed my member as I was letting it all go. What an orgasm.

Wow! Haircuts for Suzi in our household had taken on a new meaning. Needless to say, we bartered for haircuts for the next several years until we moved away. Now her haircuts cost me $150. I think it is time to look for a new beautician.

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