Caught Ankening

My wife had been away for some days and her mother moved in to look after the housework and pets while I worked, this morning my wife texted me asking if I was going to anken this morning (leg pressure masturbation where I lie on my left side, left leg bent with penis and balls pushed up as tight as possible between my thighs up close to my arse with my right leg straighter I move it up and down gives the feeling of penetration mainly to the penis base) a fantastic way to masturbate, so I replied I am just about to get nude and do just that, when I started her mother walked into the bedroom saying Jan told me you would probably like me to assist seeing she always plays with your balls and tickles your back, I am here to help in any way, she has often explained how you love this type of masturbation.
She laid down behind me cuddling and whispering encouragement in my ear then started squeezing my balls in unison with my leg movements it was great, she tickled my back and as I was about to cum put her hands around my knob to capture my load and swallowed the lot.
Just let me know if you need help again whenever Jan is not available it is certainly sexy.
I surely will.

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  • My brother masturbates like that, he has been doing it for years and does not mind if I watch, usually when we are home on our own

  • My husband masturbates by this technique it is quite sexy I cuddle him and play with his nuts as well, usually after he cum's he will go down on me, we have such nice sessions

  • You have such a wonderful wife and mother in law, they are very supportive, do you think you will be fucking your mother in law soon ? I would imagine that would be the natural progression, very best wishes Buddy

  • No not contemplating that at all, we both just want and like her playing with me when I anken and my wife is not around, her husband and her have a great sexual relationship

  • Sexy

  • I am female and along with some of my friends masturbate using a similar technique, I sometimes do it in the train on the way to work for about six months a middle aged lady has been sitting opposite me she smiles and winks at me when I am masturbating via leg pressure so I am certain she knows I am getting off, one day soon I am going to ask if she uses this method I am almost sure she does, will let you know "Happy Ankening"

  • I also masturbate by leg pressure it is as you say so sexy, my wife cuddles me and also catches my cum then she massages it into my back feels real good.
    Did not know it was called Ankening but that sounds good

  • Doesn't really sound like you were caught, more like you were setup. Also sounds more like a wish than a confession.

  • Your correct my wife texted her mother to go to our bedroom after I told her I was just about to start wanking, they had both talked about it many times before, I am happy she did

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