My SOL and I

I was a married guy, married 15 years, I never ever cheated on my wife, but she had other ideas, she was a big slut in her youth and once bragged to me she's had sex with over 100 different guys from the time she was 15 until she was 24 and met me. She needed more sex than I could give her, she went out and started cheating on me and when I found out she didn't care. Her brother was another sexual pig, cheating on his wife and not caring what she thought. Of course I had no idea she left him until one day she stopped at my house to visit. She just showed up, no phone call no text nothing. She knew my marriage ended, I seldom saw her and didn't see any of that family since we first separated, then divorced. She gave me the story of her husbands cheating his drinking and losing his job, said she filed for divorce and threw him out. She said she felt really bad for me and that that family has loyalty issues. I'm sitting here talking to her she's a very nice looking woman and realized I'm dressed like a slob, I was painting my house when she showed up. I appologized for my appearance but she didn't care. She said she's been wanting to contact me because she was sure I didn't know about her and him since I don't have anything to do with my X. She said being she was in the area she wanted stop in on me. I told her I was sorry and was surprised about the man her husband is. That whole family is nothing but garbage she said. After about an hour she said she had to make her way home, about 75 miles from me. I asked her if we could get together for dinner sometime and she said I'd love to. I'll call you I said, she left me her cell number. I called her early that week hoping to meet up with her the next weekend, sure where would you like to meet. I told her I'd drive down and pick her up, that she should find a nice place with good food and drink. I had the time of my life with her, we really liked each other. I brought her home and she invited me in. I said I can't stay long, I have that ride home. The ride home didn't happen, she seduced me and kept me up all night having sex, she's really into me, I'm grateful to have her in my life. I would like to start a more serious relationship with her and I know she wants that too, I believe we're both ready to move on in life. I know our x's have no idea we're in a sexual relationship, we don't care what they think and we both think it will be funny when they find out about us. I'd bet they say we are the ones who destroyed the marriages for cheating together for years, the years I was nothing but faithful to a liar whore, but with their reputations nobody that knows them could believe that. I hope they both have issues over us and our happieness. My X lives not far from me, if she don't know she will soon.

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