Caught Daughter

My daughter, who is in college, stayed with me over the summer. As a single Mom, I enjoyed having her around. Anyway, in June I was away on a business trip, but came home a couple of days earlier than expected. When I walked in the door, I was a little shocked by the sight in front of me.

There, In the living room, was my daughter having sex with two guys--sucking one guy while the other guy fucked her missionary. All three of them freaked out, but I said, "It's okay, go ahead, sorry to interrupt" although I was just as freaked out as they were, nearly to the point of shaking. I quickly left the house to give them their privacy and came back a couple of hours later.

When I got back, everyone was clothed and I got to meet the guys under more proper circumstances. I made them pasta for dinner and we had a nice chat. Although they had completely worked over my daughter, they were polite, attractive, fine young men. I kind of felt jealous that my daughter hooked up with those guys.

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  • Like you didn't do the same thing at that age and enjoy it

  • My son's GF stays over several nights a week. When she's here I can hear them going at it, often for several hours non-stop, and sometimes with breaks for snacks, meals, movie, etc. It used to be embarrassing for me, as his father, to hear her screams and moans all night then meet her at the breakfast table in the morning. This was always difficult, because she would often be walking around wearing nothing but skimpy thong and one of my son's button-up dress shirts, which were very tight and always held closed by a single button around her midriff. One morning my son was sleeping in when she came up front, dressed in next to nothing, her hair still all messed up and smelling of sex. I didn't realize it, but I had a pretty good chubby going while we were talking. Suddenly she smiled and said she could see where my son got his hammer from. She took her coffee and went back to the bedroom and I made a bee line to the bathroom where I pounded on out thinking about taking her on the kitchen table. Maybe next time!

  • Pretty clear she wants that hammer.....

  • Lol about thinking of taking her on the kitchen table. For her to dress that way around you and make the "hammer" comment, she's likely thought about you too. How cute.

  • You handled this beautifully. :)

  • I kind of get this vibe. I let my son's gf stay over sometimes, and they fuck each other senseless (my husband and I can hear them), but I'm always making them blueberry pancakes when they surface. It's a part of parenting, lol.

  • Well geez mom I bet they would have gave you cock if you wanted some!

  • At least you know she's polite enough to suck a man clean after he fucks her. Way to raise her right!

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