I want a real ugly girl

I keep fantasizing about meeting a really fat, super-ugly (according to social standards of "ugly") with a powerful sex drive and abnormal genitalia. I think about keeping her at home, feeding her, fondling her, drinking her pussy juice and sucking on massive sagging breasts. I want to clean her, wipe her ass after she shits, drink her piss, and constantly compliment her. I want my own nasty gross girl that is mine and only mine. I would love to take her on a tropical vacation, make her wear a string bikini and stroll the beach with me until she wants me to eat her pussy in public, to which I definitely oblige.

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  • Have one stuck at home now because she never wants to go and do anything. She is around 380 and 5'4" does not make love, eats because she is depressed that she weighs so much....I tried telling her do something about it because she is the only one who can do it but all that got me was week of no food and would not talk to me.
    Yeah get yourself one of these your life will be heaven pal.

  • Dime a dozen, seated at the bar in every local Friday's, Applebee's, and Chilli's across America any day of the week. They usually travel in pairs, depending on your game you might be able to pick both up for a nasty 3-way. Also some of the dirties girls sexually, they tend to have deep, dark fantasies fueled by hours of porn and a box full of toys under the bed.

  • I hate to say it, but this fucker has it spot on. I've been picking up and fucking big, ugly chicks for 20+ years. Not a week goes by when I don't get laid by some strange. Just a couple weeks ago I got 3 friends to come to my place to share some weed. We ended up on my big king sized bed going at it like pigs. All three were huge, well over 250# each, with huge hanging tits and some kind of deep seated lesbian urges. I think they really just used me as an excuse to finally hook up with each other, but that's just fine with me. I used and abused them all, but they also rode my face and cock to their own satisfaction.

  • Umm seriously...wtf? I mean, sure date an ugly woman. Date fat women (ugly and fat are not necessarily the same thing). But cleaning her butt? Gross dude.

  • So get one. Ugly girls are easy to get.

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