No one to tell

My husband is always on business trips and when home , rarely do we have sex. I was feeling alone, frustrated,sad and just plain confused. I'm in my early 30s and was not ready for this kind of a relationship. I made a huge mistake, I decided to accept a few of the many offers for dates. ( dinner,movie's,drinks etc ) from a man I know. He also knows my husband quite well. So we had a fewnice dates and iI was feeling better about myself, when he called all of a sudden and invited me over to try this new wine he bought. I was very eager to fly over and sit with him. He's much older but handsome and I thought very nice. Well we were sitting on the sofa and his hand finally met my knee I turned to him and kissed him. Soon we were grabbing at each other and went into the bedroom and we made love a few times. I went home the next morning I had to admit I felt like a conplete slut. I stopped answering his texts and calls because I was embarrassed as to how far it went. Things just seamed to subside I was happy and my husband was looking for a way to tell my husband what happened and was ready to beg for forgiveness. When I received a text , on the text was me giving my friend oral sex. No words nothing else other than the video. A few day's later when my husband left for work I received another so I drove to his house and was floored when he answered the door naked. I demanded the videos and was quite upset, he invited me in still naked we began to talk , not sure why I caved in but we ended up in the bedroom again only this time I noticed flavored lubes and oils all over his end table. We were doing it doggy style I could feel him pooring oils on my back and ass then without warning the pain of him raming my ass I screamed and was grabbing the covers trying to get away all that ended up doing was giving him an easier access to my ass hole, I finally collapsed in tears as he used my ass. I hate him and have no one to tell. Hopefully it wasn't recorded like the other episodes. If my husband finds out I will be ruined and I would have ruined our lives together. Not sure what brought me to tell the whole world like this but I don't have anyone to talk to.


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  • I'm going home right this minute from seeing him again

  • My husband has invited him over tonight to watch football. I feel jittery and stressed out. My husband has even asked for me to make nachos for everyone

  • So did you fuck both of them?

  • Every time my husband left the room he grabbed at me and touched me

  • You both know what to do

  • Stupid comments not working!!

  • .....

  • Comments?

  • Wish this site would fix their comments not showing :(

  • I think it's a great confession

  • Wow

  • ...

  • I can almost picture your face as he was fucking you. That's hot

  • Nice but can't read other comments

  • You made a mistake, but you need to stop. Don't go to his house anymore. Confess to your husband if you need to. Do you think this "friend" would tell your husband? Has he threatened as much? Even if you consented to sex, you didn't consent to anal sex, and what he did was akin to rape. This can't go on. Good luck.

  • Thank you

  • You are so stupid. He tapes you sucking his cock and you jump right back in his bed like you have no choice or control over yourself. Then you complain when he uses your ass like the whore you are? To top it all off you come here hoping your husband doesn't find out about your wanton indiscretion.

  • I deserved that comment as well

  • Well for one your husband should be fucking you that much that you wouldn't want it anywhere else. Secondly if he has only a movie of you sucking his dick that's not bad unless you were naked at the time. Tell your husband he's blackmailing you after he got you drunk and got carried away. You might just be surprised how your husband will react. Your husband might be getting it away from home as well

  • I have thought that maybe he is cheating , but I'm way to nervous to say hey honey I slept with some guy and he filmed us my husband would go nuts.

  • I bet he gets turned on and you have awesome sex. Then blackmail the other guy and say you will tell the police unless he pays you 10k. But secretly record him admitting it

  • You cheated like a whore, now you are surprised he treated you like a whore? You deserved to get your ass fucked hard. I hope he recorded it all and sends it to your husband.

  • I deserved that comment

  • No you didn't. You messed up. You're human. You don't deserve to have your ass taken by force without prior consent and agreement. Serious harm and physical damage can be cause by forceful anal sex, even with lube/oils - though be thankful he did use them. You should not have cheated, but you're human. We make mistakes. We use poor judgement. We error. You didn't consent to being video taped either!! Cheating doesn't take away all your basic human rights. Now, mind should not have had sex with him the second time, but still.

  • Would you consider going to the police? He has no right to distribute the video, and he has no right to potentially blackmail you. He also had no right to take you anally.

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