My wife

My wife likes very young boys. She's in her 40's. Any other women like the same?

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  • I am 23 female and married for the past 4 years to the same perverted man who got me fucking 14 and older teens. I an loving their advances and became a easy lay for them for they have me in a constant state of arousal watching porn and making sure I GET TO SEE IT AND I BECOME AROUSED AND START WATCHING MORE AND MORE SOON ONE STARTS UNDRESSING ME TO JUST MY PANTIES AND THE FUN BEGUINS.

  • In any marriage the wife will always find younger men attractive. Many will go out of their way to fuck as many of them as they can. The husband is almost always in denial and never sees it happening under his nose. As a general rule women are smarter than their husbands, they are able to have sex with anybody they want. The wife knowing she is in a strong position can push the husband to accept her sexual dominance . Most men are clueless fools and accept the wife as dominant or they leave the relationship. Be careful, if you give her a hall pass she will use it and in the end exclude you from all sex with her except on her terms.

  • I am 23 F and I started it having sex with twin 14 year old boys. It all started one afternoon when they asked if I'd share a bud with them and I accepted and got very horney and they took advantage of my condition and I accepted all of their notions.
    Since that day 3 months ago I now have sex with 7 wonderful teens they get me high and have their way with me and I love em all.

    Nothing like having 7 cock hungry teens all around you almost fighting to gets you first.

  • Me thinks it very common. When I was 16 I worked a summer job in a restaurant at a motel, bussing tables. I had two women, on separate occasions, invite me up to their motel rooms after I got off work. One was 42, the other was 36. Needless to say, I accepted their offers, and they both fucked me like their asses were on fire.

  • I was married till two years ago when mt husband walked out on me and I've been raising my mid teen son all alone and it has been a real problem with me at times.
    He has been bringing his friends over to play basketball in the back yard after school and on the weekend for the past three months and some are older by far than he is or at least it looks so and a few have been coming over even when my son isn't at home and I started in partying with them, smoked weed with them even gotten felt up by them, not all but a few.
    Then out of the blue three lads came over and we sat around and smoked a few joints and I got hot as hell, been a long time for me but this day I did and I didn't care if my bath robe became open and they started in touching, running their fingers all over me and I ended up getting fucked hard by all three of them and since then they have been coming over almost daily for a repeat performance and I love it. I am only 38 got married young and had my son the year after. Even my son says I have a hot body for a mom.

  • If the number of teachers getting caught banging their students is any indication, Then yeah its pretty common. I'm a guy. back when I was 8-9 I was riding a greyhound and a woman in her 20s I was sitting next too talked to me for hours. I got a kiss, not a French passionate one, but more than a peck. Was a long time ago but if I recall everything right. Yeah she wanted...err something.

  • I think it's normal , I find them cute as well

  • I lost my virginity with a 40 year old woman, the mom of one of my friends so I think its quite common. She was hot too but at the time I was into athletics and I was a hot kid. I remember that pussy until this day lol

  • Ive always wondered this as well

  • I enjoy a hot delivery guy now and then. I have given excellent tips followed by them coming over after work.

  • My wife dresses our 9yo in feminine clothes. He has long hair and she likes to make him look like a girl. sometimes even a skirt.

  • What does that have to do with the topic?

  • Fuck off.

  • This is a male fantasy. Only men think women want a "young, virile boy to teach to please her..." What a waste of my time and energy.

  • Yeah, how young?

  • How young ??

  • No. Sick.

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