Sore Nipples

I love getting my nipples sucked, a nice hard, dry suckling. When I get really horny, they feel sore and tight, and all I can think about is getting them soothed by a deep suckling, getting wet and soft and stretched in someone's mouth, pressing their face in to my large soft breast. It gets so much I can hardly take it, like now. They hurt so bad. I need to straddle a cock and hold these tits up for suckling. Feel their cock stretch me out and slide deeper and deeper, as my nipple stretches to the back of their throat. I may have to resort to drastic public measures.

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  • My wife loves cuffing me behind naked and clamping cloths pegs on my nipples boy talk about pain but I really love it she has me stand in the corner not able to see a clock and I have to wait for between 15 to 25 minutes before release, she occassionaly makes me wear them three or four times with five minute breaks between, such horny pain it is

  • Can you orgasm from having your nipples sucked? I once had a girlfriend that could.

  • God yes

  • I can and do lots of times

  • That's how I would suck on boobs, and I wouldn't stop. Since I'm not big enough, I'd suck them while you're on another dude's dick.

  • Also, I would love to find a girl with really nice boobs and long nipples. Just so hot.

  • I will help

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