I have a thing for cheating.

I don't know why but the thought of cheating turns me on so much. Even though I would never hurt someone like that. I'm currently single but I will go out to bars and clubs wearing an old diamond ring I got from a past relationship and wait for someone to hit on me.

I'll start it off by teasing and saying no, I have a husband but a lot of guys seem to find this as a challenge inside of walking away. So they end up buying me more drinks, or offering to get me high and party.

Guys who think they are banging a married woman fuck so much harder it is ridiculous. But it is kind blowing. Sometimes just moaning their name gets them going harder because it is their name that is making me scream and not my "husband"

Like last week end there was this extremely douchee hasn't left the frat house kind of guy I met at a club. I knew what he was after, and when I said I was married he only came on stronger. But even though he was a pretty big jerk I finally said fuck it because he was hot and said I'd at least go back to his place to catch a buzz. Free high, so why not? Just knowing he was getting me to his place had him excited.

Once there we got high he put on his moves and eventually we started having sex. He actually had a decent sized cock. But once we started fucking it was amazing the second I moaned his name out loudly. He started asking me if he fucked better than my husband, and calling me a dirty slut which only got me turned on more.

And then he came in me which set me on fire. Even though I'm on birth control I usually make the guy wear a condom to be safe, but feeling the cum in me and him saying he hopes I get pregnant and my husband always thinks it his was a major turn on. We ended up going a few rounds that night with me all begging for him to cum in me just because of how excited it got him thinking he was Cumming into a married woman.

I don't know why I love doing this but I can't stop. I can't wait to go out again and do it. I love being the cheating whore even if I'm not dating anyone


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  • I to flirt with guys at the bar or club and I wear my late mom's wedding ring and I let the guys know I am married and I to have noticed that they come onto me much more thinking that I am married and do just about anything to get me to come home with them or out into their car.

    One guy admitted to me he prefers married women for there is no attachment needed. One guy even told me my puss is awfully tight for a married lady and I told him my husband don't have sex with me that often and he bangs me even harder.

    I have even had several offers for me to divorce my husband and marry the guy I was with for he loved the way I fucked him in return and the way I'd give him a BJ.

  • My wife has a lot of friends who seem to have a married guy/cheating fetish the way they flirt and expose themselves to me. But I've never gone there so maybe they would stop if it got real.

  • My friends wife was coming on to me I held out for awhile but finally gave in and she was great i think the cheating turned her on more then me

  • I am single never married and I wear a wedding ring all the time even to work and I get hit on all the time by mostly married guys my age and a lot older. I to get free drinks I guess they feel if they get me drunk I'll put out for them actually little do they know I'm already high before even going to the club. A lot ask me if I am on BC and I say no but they always cum in me no matter what as if I had a choice.

  • A few weeks ago one took me to a party at a friends house and there was only 2 other girls there besides me and joints was passed around and I don't know what it had in them but god what a high and I began undressing and so did everyone else and before long I was being doubled and even tripled. I think every guy there at the party had their way with me more than once and a few guys four times as I remember, but what really got to me I was cowgirl on this guy almost laying on his chest and he was holding me down onto him and a guy started in doubling me anally. oh god his cock felt so good both rubbing against each other and I started in cumming really hard and he got off of me but another got on me and started in fucking me crazy and it was a German Shepard oh god his cock started in getting bigger and bigger and all of a sudden he stopped but he was shooting his cum in me and I sure could feel it but what I felt the most was I was being stretched out beyond my comfort zone and I began telling them to get him off of me that's when I found out I was tied to him. For forty minutes he filled me with his cum and I was really getting sore from him and the guy I was laying on left long ago and all I had in me was this dog with his cock stuck inside of me finally he got small enough for him to pull out of me and when I saw just how big he was I got horney all over again and his cum litterly flowed from my ass for a good minute or so. Then a few guys started in sucking on my nipples and I was getting more aroused by the minute and one started in telling me he'd really love to see Jake fuck my puss and I said no way his cock is to big besides he just cum so he's through, little did I know.

  • Total BS, this is a 20 year old guy writing this, not a woman.

  • This has got my cock rock hard. Wow. 25 m

  • God you sound just like me.

  • I love it. I'm married and love a woman that loves married cock

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