Battle for dominance

I like the idea of rough housing with a guy for foreplay. We would struggle to pin each other down. Scratching, biting, kicking and tripping is all fair game. I want him to grope me and try to take my clothes off. I catch him off guard by kissing him and rolling him over on his back. I try to undo his belt but he slaps my hand away. We continue to wrestle like this until exhaustion or broken will determines the dominant partner for the night.

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  • I was rough housing with a neighbors son last year one Saturday morning while his parents were out somewhere and he became just like that and before long I was stripped of my clothes and he wouldn't let me do anything to remove his. He stood over me removed his clothes and took his cock in his hand and it was a lot more than my 15 year old brother who I caught masturbating in our bathroom the week before.
    He took one of his feet and pushed my legs apart knelt down and got between them holding himself up over me only the head of his cock touching me and I tried to raise my hips up to feel more but he'd push me down and bite on of my nipples and stab his cock at me sometimes penetrating me a bit but he'd pull out and jab again sometimes hitting my clit which was hard and very tingly.
    He took hold of my legs and placed them on his shoulders raising my hips clear up off the floor and he started in jabbing his cock at me again but this time he rammed all 6 1/2 inches of him clear to his balls in me and I let out a scream and he put his hand over my mouth telling me never to do that again or he'd spank me as he slapped my ass with one of his hands and it6 hurt bad and I started crying and he spanked me again and again till I quit crying as he fucked me ramming his cock balls deep into me and then he held himself deep and filled my puss with his cum telling me he just made me pregnant. At that point I* didn't care for his roughness made me have my first orgasm on him buried deep into me.

  • I'm hard just thinking about doing that with a girl.

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