Ex wife gave a BJ to my friend

My ex wife was such a whore that one evening that we were very drunk at home I dared her to give my friend a blowjob right then and there and the slut went ahead and did it. In front of me she got on her knees between my friends legs, opened his pants and started sucking his cock.

My friend was just looking at me without knowing what to do, I just winked at him letting him know that he could enjoy it. My friend grabbed her head and started opening his mouth moaning in pleasure. She probably sucked his cock for 5 to 6 minutes when he started saying "Im coming Im coming" the slut took his dick out of his mouth and let him cum on top of her breast and her dress.

She ended up full of semen, she stood up smiling and went to the room to clean herself. My friend was looking at me not knowing what to say, I think he was afraid of my reaction too. I just pat him on the shoulder and said "its ok dont worry"

Later that night when my friend left I went to the room and fucked my wife like a fucking animal, I was brutal with her and while fucking her I would say "you are fucking whore you are a fucking whore" to be honest I think thats the reaction she wanted to get out of me. Our relationship was very fucked up by that moment in time, and we were trying to do the most stupid shit to get attention out of each other. I think 4 months later we finally separated and later on we divorced.

Im still friends with that guy "bros before hos"


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  • She's not a whore. You told her to do it. She was willing. Your friend was willing. Consenting adults and all. You're an idiot. :)

  • I'm glad you hung on to your Bro, tho'. Of course, Bro job -- not blow jobs -- are all the rage these days among friends and Bro's. Give yoour friend a nice Bro job and keep him around.

  • You were a lucky guy I want my Mrs to do this but to no avail.... yet!! however there is still time .......

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