On the bus

When I was (age redacted) a group of boys played with me on the bus. We sat way in the back to be "cool", because the bus driver couldn't see what you were doing behind the seats. I would scrunch down in the seat, pull down my pants and panties, and lift my shirt up. The boy sitting next to me would pinch my nipples and play with my privates. When the bus would stop to drop someone off, he'd trade seats with another boy, who would keep fingering me. Six or seven boys would take turns with my privates for the forty minute bus ride. I remember one boy who must have found his dad's porn, because he would find my clit with one hand and PULL on it, while sliding the middle finger on his other hand in and out of my hole at the same time. He was the only one who did that, most of them would either use their middle finger in my vagina or would rub and squeeze my labia. We never got caught.

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  • That's hot. How old were you?

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