Cheating Wife

I caught my wife cheating (came home early from a business trip, she was blowing a coworker in our bed). Of course there was a scene, I have suggested counselling, she says it was no big deal, I should it over it. I'm not sure I'm ready to move on. Any suggestions?

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  • Put your big boy pants on and realize what a wonderful wife you have!

  • If it is a big deal to you, tell her to get over it. I can tell you if I had a surprise like that, one of us would be gone the next day. In my case it would be me, I already have another place that I own so I would be gone. She could keep the house and rot in it for all I care.

  • If you don't give a shit about her, move on. She broke your trust in your own bed. If you do care, then decide how to accept her doing it or join in or add a woman. Get laid

  • From a woman's point of view i seriously can't believe you want to stay.

  • It all depends on you. Some guys actually fantasize about their wives fucking other men. My wife and I had talked about it a few years ago. It was a serious talk. She just admit that she has sexual wants and desires and one of them was sex with other men. She said it wasn't a love or relationship thing and she wanted to seriously talk about it. We are committed to being with one another for life but we enjoy an open marriage. It's very easy for a woman to be polyamorous because guys are all about sleeping with married women. The guys just don't realize that I am for it.

  • I give this advice because I went through the same thing. My wife and I are still together today 20 years later.

  • You're a loser.

  • "You're a loser" is an idiot!

  • First ask yourself, Are you still in love with your wife? If the answer is yes. Then ask her if she's in love with him. If the answer is no. Then sit down and talk it through. You will need to know every detail of their relationship. You tell her that she has to be completely open and honest with you. She must tell you: How long it's been going on. Exactly what they've done and how many times. Tell her there can be absolutely NO secrets. Then you start asking for intimate details of when they were together. Make her tell you how it came to happen, and what it was about him that made her want to do it with him. Make her describe "IN DETAIL" every moment of their time together. What it felt like, how much she liked it. You'll soon know if she's being open and honest. Besides hearing every sorted detail will help you process the events and get past it. If she tells you everything. And I mean everything. Forgive her and get on with your life.

  • Thanks. Followed up on your advice. A little troubling. It is what it is.

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