Caught by Mom

When I really got into masturbation, I did it a couple of times a day and sometimes in situations where I might get caught. One evening I was in the bathroom on my knees, up against the laundry basket beating my meat into a pair of my sister's panties when the door swung open and it was my mom! I tried to hold back, but it was too late; squirts of jizz went all over the panties and other clothes. Her eyes bugged out for a second, then she said "Oh, I see it's a bad time to interrupt you," and locking the door, she left.

I was horrified and didn't know what to say. There was no cover story I could come up with to explain away what she saw. She acted normally when I came out and I decided to just say nothing. She never mentioned it again! I came to realize my mom understood such things better than I thought and didn't want to make a big deal out of it. I was more careful with the door-locking, though, and I started helping her with the laundry...

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  • I masturbate to Jesus all the time.

  • Same thing here, I was up late figured if I was quiet no one would hear me. I started watching porn on the net and then the hard on came. Suddenly my mom opens my bedroom door and asks if everything is all right. She saw I was up so she opened the door all the way and walked right up to me. I had managed to click the porn off but when I started to get my dick back into my shorts which were pulled down some anyway it sprang straight up. She just said "oh my, sorry" while she was walking out the door and shut it.
    She never brought it up and I never said anything to her.

  • Believable, but I don’t think moms are surprised to see an erection in their boys, I mean she’s been screwing a hard on long before you had one!

  • How TO overcame porn/ masturbation: FIRST OF ALL TELL JESUS TO SAVE YOU AND THEN;
    1. Veggie diet for a while to concentrate on the following 2. Work outs 3. reading of inspirational books; gospels; GET DOWN TO READING THE NEW TESTAMENT, BOOKS LIKE; tough times never last, purpose driven life etc. 4. setting YOUR gadgets on filter 5. setting life goals and being excited about them. 6. trusting absolutely in God and DIVERTING YOUR ENERGY TO doing charity works.

  • If Jesus is your "thing" and you don't like this....stop reading it and get your cock out of your hand.

  • This Jesus I should tell, will he satisfy my sexual drive
    it you are religious why are you reading sex confessions its because you are wanking while reading then, my charity is to my dick

  • I would be willing to bet that Jesus beat off when he was coming into his teen years.

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