Stripper's experience

It was a cool Friday evening and I was bored. Incidentally, I did not want to go for my usual weekend night out. Everything seemed insipid. I was just not happy the way my life was going; wondered why it even bothered me. Usually booze and rough sex and my brand fix would do and I had a string of guys who would do me just for the asking; no just showing up with my well endowed boobs slim waist and "mega" hips that keeps the guys drooling. Just turned 18 and the hormones were raging.

Finally, I locked my room door and lay on the bed sulking and moody. I put on the stereo but my favorite gigs were insipid too. What's really up with the night. What the f**k is it with this scr**d night? Then suddenly, someone was in my room; live, the lights were on. There was this strange feeling of guilt that enveloped me with his presence. He looked young, handsome and immaculate and I felt so dirty and wretched before him. I hid my face under the pillows and goosebumps rippled through my being like a wave on the sandy beach. Then the longest (about) fifteen minutes of silence I ever had in my life and he spoke: "Why have you been avoiding every overture of mine . . ." I was stunned. Overtures? I never knew him from Adam. I was ruminating on his question and shivering with fear in the interlude of about another 10 minutes. I was getting surprisingly relaxed only that guilt was resident in my heart. The next question showed me that this fellow whoever he may be knew what no other knew about me . . . "you shunned all my entreaties and went and killed my son . . .? (pardon I can't put all the rest of this second part of the question that explored my life down here). I was stunned the more. "killed his son?" I knew instantly what he meant. I yanked off a six week fetus despite the tug of war in my heart to the contrary. I never told anyone; neither my parents nor my best friend knew. I did not know the father of my baby either (but definitely not this fellow standing here) for I had a "gang bang" in a night party two weeks before I missed my period and I was drunk and high. More so I knew I was in my ovulation then. The guilt increased. He seems to allow my heart to absorb his questions before the next one. Then he asked the one I knew was the last; "supposing you die now . . . where are you going to?" I knew immediately that the "man" who could enter my room while the door was securely locked could take my life without even a snap of the fingers. The fear was back with the goosebumps and the guilt intensely multiplied! I began to shiver and quake with sobs and tears streamed freely. The next 10-15 minute was like eternity. I literally saw hell; where I was going to if I had died. I thought the guilt would crush me. Then he did the unimaginable, it was not a question, it was a liberating statement. "An***a (he called my middle name which no one ever called me, not even my parents or at school for everyone called me by my first name) your sins are forgiven . . . for I died for you". Waooooh! The guilt was gone instantly, I felt new . . . a song simultaneously was triggered in my heart like a skillful DJ had tuned it. I knew instantly (honestly these pieces of knowledge are beyond me) that my name was written in "the book that mattered the most" (whatever that meant) and I also knew him; the one that created me, the one that died for me. I had avoided him all my life and in fact hated him in spite of the fact that my mom knew him and taught us about him. I stood up to embrace him but he was gone; just like he came. The song in my heart was then on my lips (a song I never sang before);
I am saved,
my heart is healed
No more tugged by sin . . .

The next week was even more stupefying. I lost the desire for booze, for "my brand fix" for clubbing, stripping, "gang bangs" and the wayward life I'd lived. I only wanted to read a copy of the bible especially the New Testament.I wanted to know him the more. I saw that he said the same liberating word ("your sins are forgiven") to a whore like me in Luke seven vs forty eight. That was my best day so far in my life; the day I read that chapter.


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  • Exelent! What a brilliant example of how easy the romans made this type of story up when they wrote the bible, something along the lines of 1700 years ago.

  • I used to think like you. I used to be an atheist but I had a drug addiction that defied every therapy for years. When a beloved Christian lady saw me on the street and smiled at me and handed a New Testament, I knew i had to read it. Even when I did not want to; her smiles seemed indelible in my subconscious, I still did read it. One day, I summoned up courage to pray (something like; "Jesus just help me out if you exist . . .")and that did it. The drugs were gone! I have been reading the New Testament for two years (the very copy that lady gave me and I don't need another). I do not attend church but i know that I am a Christian now; I have peace!

  • No not like me i gave credit to these stories and even believed as i grew up, but as i opened my mind and really questioned where it is that we came from my opinions were changed by pure logic, i think of all the big questions all the time and never does my mind come close to these relgions that have been so usefull in shaping the human race, tho i do admire really good kind christian people that i have met even if they are just a product of living by a certain set of rules for countless generations. I too am a recovered addict as was my father who died whilst in withdrawal, i beat my addiction with the help of many good kind people and my own strong will, i think probally will itself is the the thing that creates us it sure is what drove us from ameaba to human beings, its what sparked that will that i really wonder about.

  • So you believe you came from amoeba? Wonderful; nice to know that you believe something; albeit weird! I am a scientist with a bio-medical background and really, the most stupid thing I'd known folks put up in the name of science is "the theory of evolution" -what stopped it along the line?. Well to so many well meaning scientist, it remained "a theory" but to some informed ones; it is "unbelievable theory". I found it easier to believe the scriptures as I began to read it (foremost was the salvation I noted in the foregoing and instantly being disgusted by the mere thought of drugs.) When I read Isaiah (written some one thousand years before Christ; i.e more than 3000 AD, I wondered why the earlier scientists could not believe the simple scripture that the earth is round: Perhaps civilization could have been more advanced that today:

    Isaiah 40:22 (google it)He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth, and its people are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in.


  • Maybe its more likely that all the matterial of the universe already is life but in some kind of dormant state, maybe it already has been alive once before and is gradually coming back together as single mass of life and we are just the first sparks of a life force that will when given enough time will consume all matter in the universe, none of us really know what is going on but i really wouldn't pitty anyone for what they believe, good luck with your crusade

  • Thanks for "reasoning with me". You know what, you don't know something until you read about it. Have you ever taken time to read the gospels; the New Testament? Have you? I have read several religious books. In fact, that was what drove me to atheism for nearly a decade. None ever "claims" to know about "a new life" let alone give one. All I saw was a "collection of teachings and rules". In Christ, I encountered not a religion, not a group of rules; I encountered someone. I was bold enough to come out of my narrow, cocky, parochial path and dared someone I have heard that he exist to do something to me if he does . . . and that was it. In clinical science we call it investigation, ; yes I made an "inquiry" and now I can say that I know some things. If you like say that "I clerked" my patient and made a diagnosis. In the end, I was cured. Yes, no one knows it all; even Christ taught us so but one will in him know enough to understand the mystery called "life". Even the best neurosurgeon does not know a tenth of the human brain. But he sure knows more than you and me that are not neurosurgeons! Beloved, I challenge you to read the teachings of Christ!

  • Did he lick you out as you gave him a blow job if he was that good .

  • I have done blow-jobs all my life and did not amount to anything. Well, I can do that on my husband. And what have you gained since you've been blowing jobs? Think about it.

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