I'm a homewrecker.

This is somewhere between a confession and a vent. Should I be considered in a negative light? and why? I guess I'm a homewrecker. Since last year my coworker has tried to hook up with me, all the while he was and still is married. I knew it was wrong and I kept blowing him off until one day (a year later) I was horny and said fuck it. Called him up, and gave him the green light. I still feel somewhat bad. momentarily. and ironically he gets so jealous when he sees me talking to other guys. I do this on purpose. but honestly I just do it for the thrill and the sex. They're still happy without any issues so 'homewrecker' isn't really that much of a suitable title?

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  • There's a woman in my business group like you. Cutesy, everyone thinks she's miss sweetie-sweetie, but in reality..Will fuck married guys, or guys in relationships, and think nothing of it other than "they want me" or, the textbook "he's too nice to be with her". As if it's her job to judge someone else's marriage or relationship. I used to be friends with her, but, couldn't take the fake front she put on, knowing how much of a whore she really was.

  • You "homewreckers" have a hilarious way of thinking. You see yourselves as these irresistible sex pots when the man you're fucking only sees you as a hole to put his dick in. There's a reason you are "other women" and NOT wives. Because men are ASHAMED of the women they cheat with and don't want anyone in their REAL life to know about the other woman. He knows he can get sex from you, and he likes that about you. But he also knows your morals are lacking and your self-respect as well, and that he can use that as a means to get his dick wet. What's the one thing a man says after an affair? "I regret her. She was a mistake. She didn't mean anything." And it's true. Keep thinking you're a sex pot, but in reality you are someone's mistake! :)

  • I don't think so.... Both my AP and I love our spouses and we love each other and I've never been embarrassed to dip my cock in her. Presently, we're having an affair for the third time! Never has been a mistake!

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