The Honeymoon

I have a few stories I would like to share. I can never really talk to any of my friends about this and the idea of sharing anonymously appeals to me. I will start at the beginning. My name is Laura and I am a 33 yr old female from Queensland, Australia. I married my high school sweetheart when I was 24 and we are still married today. He is a hard working guy and he has no idea of what I get up to. The first story I have happened on our honeymoon. We were living in a different state back then and our holiday was 2 weeks in a seaside resort. Hot summer days, afternoon cocktails and plenty of sex with not a worry in the world. A newly married couple in love. On about day 10 my husband decided he wanted to go on a fishing charter. Fishing really isnt for me so I was happy to drop him off at 5:30am with the intention of spending my day sleeping and maybe a bit of shopping. After I dropped him off I decided to head down to the beach for a walk as the sun came up. It was a beautiful day. I could see far in the distance some fisherman fishing off the beach so I made that my "walk to" mark. I suppose it was a 15-20 min leisurely walk, feeling the cold ocean and the sand on my feet. As I got closer to the fisherman I could see that they were 3 guys probably my age or maybe a bit younger. I decided to sit and watch them for a while and soak up some early morning sun. One of the guys came over to me and we got chatting. Just innocent stuff. "Catching anything"? Stuff like that. Anyway , he asked me if I would like to share a joint with him and his mates. I was hesitant, i loved to get stoned but my new husband hated the stuff so I rarely smoked it. I knew hubby would be gone all day so I thought why not. Cant hurt. Well, the other guys came over and I have to admit they were 3 strong goodlooking aussie boys. They produced a couple of joints and we smoked them. FUCK! I dont know what was in them but I have never ever been so stoned in my life. I could hardly move. The guy I originally spoke to started to kiss me. I was totally helpless. He stood up, took my hand, and led me into the bushland behind the beach and stripped me naked. The other 2 guys followed. Well, over the next hour or so I was fucked silly. They all fucked me at least twice each and my mouth seemed like it was permanently full of a cock. I felt so guilty at the time but even all these years later my pussy gets wet when I remember the morning I was treated like a total slut. Loved it.


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  • If I was your husband my only problem with it would have been that I wasn't there to watch and to help clean you up after...

  • Great story! Ever tell your hubby about it?

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