Naked birthday

My friends gave me a bare ass spanking for my 15th birthday. The embarrassing thing about it, was having it done in front of girls with my pants and underwear pulled all the way down. Got 15 stinging slaps, hung in mid air while watching girls ducking under looking up at my dick. Sucks to be stripped in front of girls from your own school and having to face them every day.

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  • No it's more embarrassing when you're tied to a bench in the girls shower room naked as the day you were born all you want to do is find a corner to crawl into and disappear.

  • Good for the sole - Ahh Sole.

  • On my 16th birthday, my 17 yr old sister and her friends stripped off my pants and spanked me. I was naked from the waist down and they each took a turn with me over their knee, giving me 17 smacks on each cheek times the four of them.

    This was on a Sunday night and at school the next day, it seems that everyone knew about it. Yes, it does suck to be stripped by girls and spanked, especially if one of them is your sister.

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