The woman who I have called Gran for years, fortunately she's not related, has Altzeimers. She is only 62, but my Dad, who she adopted years ago, had her put into a home for her own good. I went to see her as we were very close when I was growing up. She didn't recognise me and as I had white Jeans and a white shirt on she thought I was a painter. We were in her private room and I tried to convice her who I was, she thought for a while and then said 'I haven't seen a cock for years could I see yours?' and with that upzipped my Jeans. I didn't know what to do and she expertly took out my cock and started sucking it. When I came she swallowed it and kept on sucking, I almost had to force her to stop. I left quickly but I now visit her twice a week.

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  • Sounds like loads of fun, and I would likely do the same in your situation. Just keep in mind that in most states it is illegal and considered rape to have sex with anyone who is mentally impaired, as your "Gran" obviously is. Happy fucking, but be very careful.

  • Why is this the first post listed when it was made 5.8 years ago? Site continues going down and not in a naughty way either!

  • F u

    bam mag bitter truth

  • My mom was always mean to me, spankings, yelling, constantly badgering me for stuff even in my late twenties. She would call me up at work and just tell me that I needed to come over and help her with stuff, I owed her she would always say. She developed Alzheimer's pretty early in her life, I was not married so I moved back in with her to help out. Hired a company to help out during the week and at night on the weekends. She turned into the totally different person and very sexual, she would walk around nude and sometimes just start masturbating right in her chair. The nurses told me it was not unheard of but not normal for the disease. She started asking to do things with me and I would get her calmed down but one time I was just really turned on and I told her to kneel down on the floor, I dropped my pants and she immediately began sucking on me. She sucked on me all the time and for about a year and half I was one satisfied guy.

  • I have been there also but it was my grandmother, she had no memory of anyone in our family. She did not even know who my dad was and I could not believe my parents did not put her in a home. I was in my late teens and watching her for the afternoon, basically just had to make sure one of her shows was on tv. I was standing next to her chair with the remote in my hand asking her if some show was okay and the next thing I know she is grabbing the front of my shorts and telling me to show her my thing. She told me that I was all sorts of attractive and when I dropped my shorts she was happy as all hell, told me she had wanted to play with a thing again for years. She also asked me all the time what I was getting paid to watch her so like I said she was out there in the memory department.

  • Why did you post this as a revenge confession ?

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