Bad dad

I get on here and read posts often and finally decided to post something for the first time. I am a divorced 38yo and have a 17yo daughter who lives with me. Her friends come over quite often and stay the night with her sometimes on the weekends. They are all around her age (16-18). About a month ago I noticed one of her friends walking out the bathroom from taking a shower that night. She is 18. She had her hair up in a towel and an almost see through tank top on and could see her whole nipple print. I thought about what they looked like and for some reason wanted to see them. I started thinking and figured why not buy a spy cam and put it in the bathroom. I ordered a tiny spy cam online and got it a few days later. I set it up on a shelf in the bathroom hidden inside something and tested it out. Got it setup to see the toilet and the shower perfectly and waited until they came over. She had 2 of her friends come over and stay the night, and I just waited. I checked the footage the next day and seen one of them go use the bathroom but didn’t see much. Later on the other girl went in and took a shower. It’s not the one I was wanting to see but would still look. She got naked and I got hard. I jerked off to her and had perfect video of her drying off showing her tits pussy and all. Fast forward to now. I have seen every single one of her friends naked and have caught 1 girl who finger’s herself on the toilet sometimes. I have jerked to all of her friends. The 18yo has perfect tits and pussy just how I imagined. I have contemplated putting on in my daughters room to see what they all do in there at night but don’t want to spy on my daughter.

14 days
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    • I installed cameras in our living room and watched our daughter having sex with her boyfriend, it gave me the idea to put one in her bedroom, I watched her sucking his cock and riding him and wanked myself off to it, the idea came into my head about putting one in my parents bedroom so I did! Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw, my parents are both retired and seemed like normal every day people,nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors as they say, I didn't think anything of it when I saw mum walking into the bedroom with dad behind her but he was followed by 2 men that were a lot younger than them! My mother takes her robe off and she's totally naked,the 2 guys take their clothes off and join her on the bed,dad is watching from a chair, their hands are all over my mother feeling her tits and rubbing her pussy, with them each side of her she grabs their cocks wanking them off then gets on all fours for them to fuck her! They both take turns on her with dad filming! What a surprise I had

    • OMG I loved having cock in my mouth at 10. I knew sitting naked with my legs open while he jerked of was wrong but my pussy got wet from it. When he licked my pussy and thick mustache rubbing against my clit made my young pussy squirt which made him take my pussy he was like an animal in my young pussy cumin inside me. Which made me love pervs I loved pervs jerking off to me touching my pussy fucking my holes and loving it

    • When my daughter was 14 she had all her mates over and I had a garden full of Teenie camel toes. Dirty old man. Lol

    • I just had a huge load shoot out of my cock reading this and thinking about it

    • Hope you see them fingering each other too

    • You should guess too well what they do together! Be happy with your spy camera footage.

    • Hot!!!

    • Thats illegal and fucking disgusting. kill yourself

    • What the fuck are you doing on this site ? It says naughty posts, not kindergarten stories. Really who is sicker

    • Way to go Chester! Sick fuck!

    • Look in a mirror if you want to see a sick fucker. You fucking pervert, getting your jollys off 3rd hand.

    • At least I'm not fucking kids you fucking piece of shit!

    • Fuck you. I’ll do what I want.

    • Woah.!!!! You got pics of em.??😰😍🙈

    • Send them to me.

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