Caught by high school crush

One summer afternoon
On my way home from work feeling a little tired so I decided to stop at the forest preserve. I was watching a few very good looking women doing their walk and work out. And then I started feeling a little aroused. So I open my phone and was checking out some porn. Should I decided to my pants and start stroking. I was off in the corner of the parking area where nobody could really see me. I had my phone propped up on his chair and will head my pants fall down halfway to my knees. I was really stroking hard. Actually, I heard a voice it was just a guy it walked up from behind my car to ask me what time it was. But I think he knows what I was doing and that’s what you approached me, asking me the time was just an excuse. But when he looked at me, so what I was doing, he asked me if I could use some help? And I should know that I’m trying to pull my pants back up, but he told me if I change my mind, he pointed it over into the wooden area Shed that he would be over there. So I started touching myself again and stroking and all of a sudden something came over me. Even though I consider myself straight, I started thinking what would it be like to experience giving a blow job. So I pulled up my pants and stepped out of my car and started walking over to that area where he was but I think he knew that I would try to come over there. So he asked me what was on my mind and I came right out so fast as I could. I would love to suck your cock so he does his pants call JIM down in the fall. I got down on my knees in front of him and grab his cock started growing really fast. He was much larger than I thought. His cock felt heavy in my hand. So I stroke it a few times because the head of your cock in my mouth. I’ve never done it before but I thought I’m going to suck him like I like to be sucked. As I was sucking him and stroking his cock, I was getting really hard. So I opened up my pants and started stroking my own cock a little. So as I was doing this for a few minutes, I heard somebody walk up behind me. I was startled stop and look back, and it was just real pretty girl. I recognized her and she recognized me. I just wanted to bury my head in the dirt, and then the guy should don’t worry that’s my wife. She told me not to worry she is really into this. And then Neil down beside me to help me suck her man’s cock. So what happen next was we went back to their place and had a threesome Went on for like two hours. It ended up where he came in my mouth, sharing it with his wife, and then she started going down on me and her husband watched. But she did ask me if I wanted her husband to fuck me from behind. But I said no. I have thought about doing that from time to time. Because we do meet up, I have threesomes from time to time. And she’s even met me at the same park to give me a blow job in the car. But I’m not allowed to fuck her unless he is there. But I am thinking about Cherity trying anal sex. I like to talk if she says it will turn her on so much. She said she would practice on me to help me be prepared and to take his huge tool. I will follow up in the future with part two. So it really wasn’t that embarrassing after all and in all honesty, I love sucking cock in the situation :-)

Jul 29
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